Fall Theme Q&A

I saw this post from Kristyn at Reading to Unwind. I thought it was so cute! Since I’m feeling the fall magic, I thought I’d engage with this one. Kristyn originally saw this post on Rebel Mommy Book Blog. The Fall Theme is hosted by TheBlended Blog.

  1. Favorite Fall Sweet Treat: If I did a pie chart of the calendar year by seasons, you’d find that I eat more PIE in the fall. In order, those would be apple, pumpkin, and pecan.
  2. Red, Yellow, or Green Apples:  Red Apples, always.
  3. Favorite Fall Sport to Play:  Fall Reading BINGO. Ehh? Board games are as good as it gets here. 
  4. Best Drink for Fall: I don’t really have one. I don’t drink hot chocolate or coffees. 
  5. Favorite Fall Activity:  SNUGGLING! Seriously, The Man sheds clothes and is a furnace. I freeze and am constantly warming myself on him. Our relationship is SO symbiotic. Although I did enjoy going to that super duper pumpkin patch last year and going through the Texas corn maze.
  6. Must-Have Fall Purchase:  A new Christmas ornament. I am slowly adding to the few that I have for my little tree. 
  7. Pumpkins – Pick your own or store-bought:  Pumpkin patch pick, even though they are so expensive. Ours was $17 this year. 
  8. Real or Fake Pumpkin: Real are fun to carve, but fake can be put anywhere and won’t rot. 
  9. Favorite Halloween Costume:  I enjoy marveling at other people’s costumes, especially toddler costumes. I am nowhere near as creative. 
  10. College Football or NFL:  Forget that. Where’s my book? 
  11. Fall or Halloween Decor: Fall décor. It can be left up until December 1st when you switch it out with Christmas. 
  12. Raking Leaves or No Leaves to Rake:  We don’t rake the leaves. The tree out back is scrawny and its leaves just blend in with the ground and get mowed over. The tree in front blows them all over the yard and the neighbor’s and into the cove to be blown away. 
  13. Favorite Soup: I’m not much of a soup person at all, so my go-to is tomato with grilled cheese. 
  14. Favorite Fall Candle Scent: Apple, Cinammon, Pumpkin! 
  15. Love or Hate Pumpkin Spice: I love the smell! 
  16. Short Booties or Tall Boots:  Tall boots, although it is tricky finding boots that fit my fat ass calves. And then there’s the whole limited weather time frame. 
  17. Favorite Halloween Candy: Mini Reese’s peanut butter cups!
  18. PSL, Yes or No:  I’ve never had one. 
  19. Hayride or Corn Maze: I like both! Although that corn maze last year got frustrating after 45 minutes. 
  20. Favorite Fall TV Show: I am anxiously awaiting Netflix putting out the second season of Riverdale, and so is my mom. She is coming over to binge watch all night. 

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