Sunday Post ~ I Am Famous

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Monday my students spent part of the period in the library for book fair. I love it but I hate the running back and forth from my classroom to the library. I had a kid walk out with a wishlist of 17 books. My BFF right there. I picked out ALL graphic novels this year!

The next day we read my favorite chapter in our novel and their minds about exploded. Some put two and two together and figured out this chapter is the climax of the story. YAY! Thinking!

I was gone to our education service center Wednesday and Thursday, which was SO nice. My partner also went so I had a friend. My students finished the book while I was gone, so now we started the wrap up on Friday.

My boys on Monday again for the second week in a row all gave me glowing comments about my hair. It was so nice! I blow dried it on Saturday for the hockey game and wore it down for the first time since I cut it in June. There was this volume and swoopy thing going on that made me look very sophisticated, so I kept it up. The kids and several of my coworkers loved it, so it made me feel good after the self-consciousness I’ve had about it due to an incident (which is why I’ve worn it up since July.) I think it has grown out slightly enough that the incident vestiges cannot be seen.

Texas Teen Book Festival reposted MY photo!!!

3357410033574182On Sunday I crawled into bed for a nap at 5:15 and pulled The Man’s type of naps that turn into real sleep. I woke up at 10pm and was hungry, so I took my meds and ate something small and crawled back in bed…and cracked open The Scandalous Flirt to help me along. I ended up finishing the entire book at 4:15. I had to get up in 45 minutes. Monday was hell, let’s just get that straight. Further hell was The Man going on and on about how I got such great sleep Sunday night, 5 to 10 and midnight to five. He works nights, so stays up in the living room and has no clue I wasn’t sleeping. I couldn’t tell him. He’d been ragging on me all week about reading my book and not going to sleep, when in reality I was only reading on my Kindle to fall asleep, which I did…every single night. Read 1-3 pages and POOF! Asleep.

Then I started The Scot Beds His Wife. The first chapter was markedly horrifying. Like so much so that I thought the wrong cover got put on the wrong book and I was reading a quasi-horror book set in Scotland. Now I’m starting to get the point of it all…but it could have been done a little less graphically. I actually ended up reading my book almost the entire second day of my workshop. Yep, I sure did. And I still participated and listened. I got from about 25% to 55% of it! I finished it early Saturday morning and started reading one of my Christmas reads! 🙂

Snowed has been fun so far, although I can feel the traitorous moment coming. That’s what happens when you’re not honest with someone. In a way it reminds me of Perfect by Judith McNaught, but the motivations of each character and their histories are totally different.

Snowed in with a billionaire! A fun contemporary romance novel brimming with secrets, witty banter, and surprising twists.

The last thing wealthy photographer James Bradburn expects when he turns in after his surprise birthday party is to find a beautiful woman asleep in his bed. The last thing Leah Harmony expects after succumbing to exhaustion during the party is to find herself stranded with the yummy birthday boy at his isolated Gold Coast mansion. A record blizzard has trapped them together for days on end.

Leah guards a stunning secret as she struggles to resist their mutual attraction. Of all the men in the world, James is the last one she should even think of that way! Little does she suspect he harbors a secret of his own.

I got a couple of blog posts written throughout the week and got up on the visiting and commenting back. I cleaned out my inbox on Thursday and felt SO accomplished, but then it fills up again Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. I have a few reviews to write that I hope I can write this week.

  • Monday
    • Review ~ Blue Steal
  • Tuesday
    • Top Ten Tuesday ~ Halloween Fun Reads
    • Teaser Tuesday & Intro ~ TBD
  • Wednesday
    • WWW Wednesday
    • My Favorite ~ Social Media Accounts
  • Thursday
    • Fall Theme Q&A
  •  Friday
    • Book Blogger Hop ~ 11.3.17





13 thoughts on “Sunday Post ~ I Am Famous

  1. Interested to hear what you think about Snowed – the premise sounds fun for a holiday read! (Although I always get a little apprehensive about the “big dark secret” teasers in book synopsis’) And Yay for being famous 🙂 Happy reading!

  2. That’s awesome that the publisher re-posted you! It is so nice to hear you are getting compliments on your doo. That must feel nice.
    It’s also really true, when I say “who’s all going?’ that means I am not going.
    Have a great week!

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