Chit Chat – September 2017

I don’t even know where September went. With it went The Man working on the weekends. 🙂

I have gotten to know my kids a lot better. For some, the honeymoon period is over. For others, they are as sweet and helpful as they can be. My first class of the day and my class right before lunch are both fantastic. In September, my yearbook students and I traveled only a quick 20 minutes down the road to our fall workshop. My veterans got to attend the photography track with Pulitzer Prize nominee Mike McLean. They were so in love…with his knowledge. I am enjoying this largely new group that is my yearbook staff. It is much easier and more manageable having only one class and no issues with students working on a page not being in the same class anymore.

I was summoned to testify again for that case from the spring…the one where I was baited on the stand. Remember that? The court date was set on the day of our yearbook trip. I was already gone another day that week, so out two days in a week is A NIGHTMARE. My anxiety was through the roof. I also had to have my “goal setting” meeting with my principal that week as well. I was so grateful the attorney called the day before the trip that the two parties settled. Hearing that news was like a physical burden had been entirely lifted off j

My dad went back to the cardiologist for pain. He was sent off with a good report. However, I’m nervous that he will ignore any future pain he experiences and write it off as the pain after-effects of the surgery and the original heart attack. He still has not started his cardio rehab or occupational therapy.

My brother also came home…again…for the fourth time. He actually followed through and filed for divorce. They have no children together, their cars are in their own name, the only thing that needs to be addressed is the sale of the house – that my brother was able to purchase through the VA. He packed his shit and went back to his wife again. As soon as that day approached, I realized is when I never heard back from him about anything. He’s talked to me and even initiated the conversation the entire time he’d been staying with my parents. The moment that’s not the living arrangement, he vanishes off the face of the Earth.  It is hard on my parents to see him in pain and suffering, and do this yo-yo business, but this is the fourth time he has come home in a year’s time span – 10 months, to be more specific. Like Sunny Sweeney’s song, it must not be so bad at home. I just have to move on with my life and not expect my brother to be a part of it – and that’s hard, too.


I did not finish one book in September. I started on Treasured Dreams and I’ve set it aside. Then I picked up another book and didn’t finish before the month was out.

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September Visits – 930

I’ve flipped and flopped about listing everything I posted for the month. I think I’ve done it twice now, or maybe three times. I don’t like it as much as I liked seeing other people do this. Instead, I’m going back to the old way of sharing my best posts or ones that need some TLC here. I feel like I wrote some AWESOME posts in my mad fury race in July before school started.

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It all looks the same from August. *sigh*

I am starting Heat It Up to finish my last batch of NetGalley books, but then I received the other four recently, so I’m going to go ahead and read and review these ones.


What did September have in store for you? Are you experiencing fall weather yet? What does October have on the calendar?

7 thoughts on “Chit Chat – September 2017

  1. It seems like the school year is off to a pretty good start for you, Charlie. That’s great. And I’m happy that the yearbook “training” and the court case shook out well. 🙂 Sorry to hear about your brother. It’s unfortunate that your parents and you are brought into it because the only person who can “fix” his problems is him. Keep your chin up. 🙂
    September and October mean marching band season for me and we’re in full swing. I spend my Saturdays at competitions helping the kids with whatever they need help with and push pit equipment on and off the field for competition. 3 more weeks…. 😀
    Happy Friday!

  2. Sometimes life gets in the way of your fun times (mine is reading). I hope your October is better and you find the perfect book for you to read. I just finished In 27 Days (ARC) and enjoyed it very much. Now I’m reading The Victoria in My Head as part of my debut author challenge.

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