Sunday Post ~ People Be Crazy

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This week was filled with more long nights at school and crashing into bed. I was all caught up in my grading…and then I had to go and hand out more damn assignments to grade. I had a couple of strange awkward encounters with a couple of coworkers this week, and honestly I don’t even care anymore. I’m so tired of the cliquish middle school behavior. While we may work at one, we don’t have to act like it. I also felt so validated when a coworker overheard a particular conversation with the coworker that cornered me two years ago and got in my face. This is the same one who caused such grief for me that year and whom I avoid like the plague. I didn’t know the other person was next door, and they came into my room after the first coworker left. This person said, “Whoa. That was intense. I thought bombs were about to go off.” So now I have someone else who actually sees how this person behaves and treats coworkers when principals aren’t around.

Saturday while I was gone for only three hours exactly, Cera DESTROYED The Man’s wallet. I came home from my errands to find the mail lady parked IN THE DRIVEWAY blocking me from parking. I stupidly signed for the certified letter, which is a whole other story about its contents, and walked into the garage to hear massive yelling from the house. I had no idea WTF was going on, as The Man should have been asleep. The wallet itself was literally in shreds numbering close to 50. All of his cards, including his multiple military cards, police identification, and other police-related cards, and all but his USAA card were mangled. The Man was livid. The contents were everywhere – the couch, hidden in a pile of blankets in the “whatever” room where my bookcase and all his work stuff reside, and I found his driver’s license and police ID in Baby’s bed (the guest bed).  Then, after he’d gotten ready and loaded his duty belt and everything into the truck, we couldn’t find his keys. Cera did take them and hide them once before. We tore the house apart looking for them three times. God have mercy she was cleared of that charge and he found they had fallen through a hole in his pants pocket from the day before.

The certified mail was a near $100 charge from the HOA dated on the day that the HOA woman was driving around the neighborhood, canvasing houses. That was the day Richard was finishing the fence and working on other projects outside. The woman actually dared to stop, get out of her car, and nag Richard about the front yard. Clearly he was outside doing yardwork, and he would get to it, which is what he told her. She then proceeded to get snitty with him and told him he better get to it sooner rather than later. You don’t say shit like that, period, when you are representing your business in a professional capacity. And you definitely don’t say that shit to a disabled veteran with PTSD. Of course, The Man responded in kind and told her to get off his property and leave. That’s when she made an even dumber decision and told him she didn’t have to leave, she was the HOA, and could be anywhere in the neighborhood she wanted. He told her she had better leave and stop harassing him, because the police would find it very interesting a woman was driving around the neighborhood suspiciously, taking pictures of houses. He pulled out his phone and started taking pictures of her, her vehicle, and her license plate. It freaked her the fuck out, so she jumped in her car, called up someone on the phone, and sped off. The certified mail was a charge about the lawn from that day she accosted him and threatened him about her power of authority with the HOA in the front yard. While I wish he had called the police the day it happened for further evidence of a report, I have the dated text message detailing exactly what he said happened on that day. The HOA does not provide the subdivision with ANY amenities, mind you. No basketball courts, no swimming pool, no green space, no clubhouse to rent for parties or such. Nothing. It exists simply to pay a small group of individuals’ salaries who can never seem to answer telephones…until it’s a lawyer, which is what The Man did the last time they started shit about the neighbor’s trashcans being in front of his house. They don’t even know what can of whoop ass they’ve unleashed in their idiocy.

My mother also let slip that my brother has been at his house several days this past week, just like last time. He moved back home two weeks or so ago, actually filed for divorce this time, and had the freedom to actually talk to me. My mom believes, just like last time, and the time before, and the time before that, that he will go back to her. This is the fourth time in less than a year that he has gone home to my parents. The first time it was only a few weeks, but this last time it was over two months. When he went back the last time, they both had new vehicles within three days. I told my mom this has to be the last time she lets him come home. He can’t keep doing this to himself and my parents, who also suffer seeing him in turmoil and pain, and having his dog shit all in the house because it’s not trained. I guess in a few days I won’t be hearing from my brother when he goes back to his wife again. It’s a hard thing to not even be able to talk to your sibling at all because of their spouse. I am thankful that of all my parents’ mistakes in their marriage, that was never one of them.

I got some reading in this week! It wasn’t as much as I wanted, but as soon as I really got into The Master of Strathburn, I was whizzing through the pages. I did most of my reading while getting a pedicure on Saturday, and I am embarrassed to say I kept tearing up while I was reading. I think the woman across the aisle from me finally noticed me swiping at my face.

I still haven’t written any new posts, besides this post. Honestly and sadly, I don’t expect that to change for a while. I have no time…and frankly, no motivation. I am still getting around to some visiting and commenting on the weekend, though.

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5 thoughts on “Sunday Post ~ People Be Crazy

  1. I love the taco sign! And that sounds like a lot of angst in your life atm. 😦 I’m assume Cera is your pet? Gah so sad and frustrating about the wallet!

  2. Oh my! What an exhausting and weird week you’ve had, Charlie! Between aggressive co-workers, and that letter from the HOA, not to mention Cera stealing the Man’s wallet… I hope you’ll get everything sorted out.
    I, too, just finished grading stuff, and am handing out new assignments I have to grade tomorrow. *sighs* The work really is never-ending, isn’t it?

  3. It sure has been tough for you recently. the mess at school, family problems and that crazy lady. Plus your husbands wallet. Yikes! At least you were able to enjoy some good books and escape for a while. I sure hope this next week is better for you:)

  4. WOW what an ordeal!! I’m glad everything turned up and cleared itself. Reading has always been my way of shutting off and relaxing – happy you found some good books to enjoy as well. Let’s hope for better times. 😀

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