My Bullet Journal: Fall – August & September


This is one post in a series of posts about My Bullet Journal Journey. I’ve sequenced the posts so that they chronicle my journey and are step-by-step guides for those of you considering starting your own. 

Fall – August & September

My bullet journal is starting to really beef up! I’m running out of pages so I’m trying to keep things short and sweet for the rest of the year so I don’t run out of space.

August brings school back in session and the hunt for the perfect school supplies and new clothes. This year I didn’t buy any new clothes or new supplies for work. I went back on August 10th and my students arrived on August 16th. This year I only have one teaching partner (as it should be – three all teaching a second course is way too many cooks in the kitchen) and a new SPED co-teacher (again – every year).  I only have one yearbook course this year, which works out fine making my ELA classes a little smaller.

I did my pictorial calendar again and it turned out well. Obviously, I can’t draw a wheelchair. I had a lot of tasks to take care of this month. I let all my appointments get away from me during summer, so I had to make sure I got those scheduled last month.

This will be my last time doing all the numbers for my sleep log. I found another way to not have to do all that. It takes too long. I carried the honeycombs through to my reading page. I forgot to take a picture of the finished page before I started filling things in. And then I discovered a fatal flaw I made. Any writing has to be done in my Micro or Sharpi pens from now on if they’re going to be colored over. My black one ran out, so I used my black tip marker. A week later I went back to color in the hexagon after I finished reading and it smeared horribly. I could not believe my eyes. Lesson learned, right?




I love the way my September divider turned out! I spent a long time painstakingly drawing all of the leaves. I erased so many times trying to get each one right. Then I tried my hand for the first time at blending with my colored pencils. I like how it turned out!


I tried something new again for my calendar. I didn’t use my ruler. Big mistake. I do not like this page. It looks very garish, but it’s what I got. This one needs a little refiguring and reconfiguring.


I also tried a new way to do my habits tracker. It’s a two-page full spread instead of the one I’ve done all year long. Please forgive my outrageous category headings on the left. I need some more practice…perhaps with a pencil first!


I also rethought my sleep tracker and worked a little smarter, not harder. I’m going to do a bar graph again but horizontal this time. And no rewriting all those numbers 30 times! I am also LOVING this washi tape and how this entire spread turned out.

I also REALLY like how most of my September weeklies turned out. I’m getting a little braver and creative.


I hope you’ll get a little braver in your planning, too! 

Next time I will be sharing updates in a Then and Now post. 

7 thoughts on “My Bullet Journal: Fall – August & September

  1. I like your weekly layouts. I wish I could of done a honeycomb thingy like you did to track things. Sorry the page didn’t turn out the way you hoped. I don’t track much these days. Just ARCs to read and posts done. I started tracking workouts but that has fell by the way side. Sad but true. I might have to try some new things in my bujo. Thanks for sharing yours!

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