Sunday Post ~ Rollercoaster

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Shortly after posting my Sunday Post last week, I started in on a pancake buttermilk casserole. I talked to my mom while I was setting up and starting the mixes. After I was finished and we’d eaten, she called again. Not unusual that she forgets something, but this call was different.

My dad suffered a massive heart attack. He was in town and was on his way home when he started having chest pains. He wasn’t far from the police station, so he went there and they called for an ambulance. This was about 11:30. Thank God he did so because what the EMTs told my mother was not where my dad ended up. We didn’t get to my dad until 3:00 after going to two hospitals and freaking out nurses and employees when they couldn’t find my dad – after telling us he was in a certain room that was occupied by a little old black lady. And I wanted to know where the fuck my dad was. The Man was smart enough to have me call the police dispatch because they have to keep a record of it. What the EMTs told my mom and what they told the PD were not the same.

The LAD artery that comes from the heart and supplies the majority of blood was 100% blocked. This is the heart attack called The Widowmaker. After about 5 minutes in the ambulance, my dad said they gave him nitro under his tongue all the way to the hospital. He went into emergency surgery. They cleared the blockage and inserted a stent. A lot of people asked if my dad was awake at the time they found out and if he had been conscious through it. Yes, he was conscious the entire time and awake the entire time. The cardiologist marveled that my dad was alive, as he shouldn’t have been. I attribute it to his good health and the constant nitro to keep everything open until they arrived at the hospital. This was caused by smoking, which is the leading cause of heart disease and heart failure, we were told. He has to stop smoking, which he can do. He’s done it before for about six years. My mother, on the other hand, is a different story.

I was at the hospital for three days, so I didn’t get much of anything done all week. My dad was more alert on Monday after the anesthesia had worn off, and was grumbling about being uncomfortable in the hospital bed. My brothers were agitating my dad by blasting inappropriate videos on their phones all day. My mother and I had a big fight and she wouldn’t come back to the room for over 4 hours. She wouldn’t answer my questions, but she couldn’t not listen to me. When I got home that day I was so upset and emotional about The Man’s dad, my dad, my brothers’ rudeness, my mom’s behavior that I literally could do nothing but lay in the darkened bedroom and focus on breathing. They released my dad on Tuesday at 5:00 pm. He goes back to the cardiologist next week and can go back to work after that with very limited, light duty. He has to do 6-18 weeks of cardiac and occupational therapy, depending on his progress. That is going to be the battle. Please keep praying, sending good thoughts and good vibes.

On Wednesday I discovered my credit card had been used to file a wireless insurance claim. Someone in Louisville, Kentucky had my information and filed it through Verizon, which I never used my credit card with. I had only used it at the hospital and one gas station – one I trusted. I am convinced the gas station was how it happened because nearly all the pumps (over 20) had out of service bags on the handles, directing you to only about 4 pumps. When The Man and I stopped there later in the week, he asked them about their pumps because the computers on some of them weren’t working. The attendant said their systems had been compromised, but wouldn’t say anything more. My CC company was great and sent me a new card the following day. Verizon told me the person who filed the claim would have a really hard time doing business with them anymore and the several-hundred-dollar amount will be refunded to me following the investigation.

The Man and I took his dad to this little furniture museum a few towns away later that day, and it was incredible. It was focused on the German immigration to Texas and the director was incredibly knowledgeable. We got more than just a tour! We all marveled at the incredibly steep, entirely straight up staircase in the house. We had to go one at a time. It wasn’t so bad going up it, but I was TERRIFIED to go back down. I would have been happy staying up in that 90-degree attic (even with AC!).

On Thursday afternoon The Man’s dad flew home, and later today we are supposed to be setting him up to do Skype or something similar. I finally took the box of things I wanted to recoup some money from to a consignment shop. Y’all – I have never felt so judged or criticized in all my life than when I was standing for over an hour in this church-run shop while this one elderly lady inventoried my items and would only accept about 15 of them. Steve Madden purses aren’t good enough for them!




This was the breakfast I was making right before my mom called the second time.




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29 thoughts on “Sunday Post ~ Rollercoaster

  1. Charlie, I am so sorry about your dad, and all the family drama around it. But I’m glad he pulled through, and I hope he’ll be OK as time goes on. You take care of yourself, OK? Eat right, get sleep, and do the things that revive your spirit and bring you peace. {{{Hugs}}}

    • I am so glad, too. I am so glad he didn’t continue ignoring the pain. And I hope he does what he is supposed to for rehab. I have had to decompress at the end of several days and just lay in the dark in the evening. I feel awful that I’m basically hiding out in the pitch-dark bedroom (hallelujah for black out curtains), but I need to do it. I do need some peace and uplifting. Thank you, Lark!

  2. Wow, what a week! From the heart attack and trying to find your dad, to the credit card fraud. Whew, you are definitely due for some calmness.

    I hate when I’m around a lot of people doing annoying and loud things, so I would need the darkness of my room, too.

    I hope your new week is better…and thanks for visiting my blog.

    • Surprisingly, I wasn’t as mad as I usually would be about the credit card fraud. It was really easy to deal with and I didn’t get worked up about it. My brothers are so self-absorbed it’s embarrassing. I just wanted them to leave. Annoying people really do grate on my nerves. Thanks for stopping by, Laurel.

  3. I’m so sorry to hear about your dad. I hope he’s doing alright. And I’m glad that you got your money back from that credit card fiasco! I just hate it when someone uses my credit card without me knowing!

  4. What a fright! I am so glad your father is doing better, and I hope he continues to do so. And then the mess with your credit card. Ugh! One of my coworkers had her purse stolen and has had so much trouble ever since. Including the fact that someone used her name in a car accident and now my coworker is having to try and fix that mess–proving she wasn’t the one in the accident.

    I do hope everything calms down for you and everyone stays healthy. You’ve been through a lot in such a short amount of time. 😦 Take care of yourself!

    • It was scary. I am so grateful The Man came with me the day it happened, and he asked the nurse and doctor some questions that I wouldn’t have thought to ask until later when they were gone. My mom had her purse stolen at her workplace about six or so years ago. It was a disaster, too. And her wedding ring was stolen. I hate that we’ve never recovered it. I hope your coworker is able to get things straightened. Can’t she have witnesses give statements of where she was the day/time of the accident? That’s crazy.

  5. How fortunate that your father was so close to the police station and so happy that he was quick to recognize something was seriously wrong. I hope is recovery goes well.
    I had my Amazon account hacked before. They went on quite the shopping spree. Amazon immediately refunded my money to my account, which was quite a bit, and now have a flag on purchases there. Glad to hear the credit card fraud was handled quickly for you. Stay strong and take care of yourself:)

    My Sunday News

    • I learned from someone else whose father had a heart attack that he didn’t have any pain, either. He was at WalMart with his daughter and they did his blood pressure. It was low, so they asked the pharmacist about it. It was so alarmingly low that she told them they needed to get straight to the ER. He was walking around the store and didn’t even know he was having a heart attack. My dad was passing by the police station on his way, and as he approached the bar across the railroad tracks is when he called my mom and told her what he was going to do. I am thankful he was right there and so close.

      Your Amazon account hacked?! No way! I can only imagine how much they racked up. I’m glad it worked out for you, too. Now I am going to be more vigilant in reviewing my statements each month. (I never look at them.) That’s the only way I spotted it, in the pending section when I went to pay the bill.

  6. Holy smokes. You had one heck of a stress-filled week. I am glad your Dad is ok. Family and stressful situations are such a volatile cocktail. You did the right thing by removing yourself. Glad you got the credit card fraud sorted.

  7. Wow it sounds like you had a rough week. The furniture store tour sounds fun, sorry it was a bit scary for ya. I hope your week moving forward is smooth sailing.

  8. I’m sorry to hear about your dad, but I’m glad he’s doing so well! I’ll be praying for him and you!

    On a happier note, your blueberry pancake casserole looks delicious!

  9. That had to have been a terrifying moment. I’m happy your dad pulled through. You stay in that dark room as long as you need to. Sometimes, when things are super stressful, you just need some quiet time.

    • It was terrifying. You never think it will happen to you (or your family). The darkness just helps me decompress without throwing myself into doing something, which is what I usually do. The quiet time to just do nothing is so helpful.

  10. I’m so sorry to hear about your father. I’ll keep him in my thoughts and I’m sending you a virtual hug! 😉 What a hard and stressful week it must have been for you. I hope you get some time to rest.
    Have a great week and happy reading!

  11. Oh my gosh, Charlie, that is so much bad at once… Family can be wonderful, but they can also be so difficult. I hope everything is calming down now and I’m glad your dad is able to recover. Praying for you guys, for sure!

    And that’s super annoying (and stressful!) about your credit card. It’s also strange because my credit card was compromised about a year ago and the charges were all from a Verizon in Florida or something. It was so annoying and I had to spend so much time on the phone with my bank to get it figured out. I hope they’re able to return your money with no problem at all.

    • That’s about how I felt. I was a bit of a basket case for two days. The credit card issue was actually a breeze and I am surprised I wasn’t more angry and rage-y about it. After the investigation is over (which should be Friday), my money will be refunded. I haven’t checked yet. If they had pushed the issue, I would have raised the question about how could I have physically swiped my card at an Austin hospital parking lot every single day for a 6+ hour stay the day of, before, and after the date of the charge from Kentucky. That’s why I didn’t understand why it wasn’t flagged – I caught it myself.

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