Sunday Post ~ Grandpa Visits

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I had another interview on Monday morning. The interview was probably the best I’ve had. It was cozy and the principal and the team were great. We got into a really good discussion about reading and vocabulary and goals for the new year. I was so hopeful that I would get THIS teaching job. Then as the principal walked me out she asked about my contract with my current district and I felt all my hopes flush down the toilet.

In Texas, you have 45 days before the start of school (teachers’ first day, not students’) to resign. After that, the district does not have to accept your resignation and has fucked up ways to hold you to your contract and cripple your career. So nice, right? My 45 day was July 3, and the school districts around The Man have just hit their 45 day recently. They don’t start back until two weeks after my district, so the contract is a very sticky thing that is now shooting me in the foot. At this point, I’m pretty resigned that I am stuck where I am for another year, and will be on the road and living out of a suitcase for the next year and paying crazy rent for a place I only reside at 3 days a week. I want to cry about the entire thing.

I won these three books in giveaways. I don’t even know exactly where they came from, and I’ve had them awhile now but I brought them from my house to The Man’s house with the rest of my books. I know one came from Goodreads, but I have no clue who the other two came from. I’m so bad at remembering and tracking stuff like this.

I struggled through my book Tumble Creek. I thought it was going to be very different than it was. I realized on Sunday/Monday that I just could not relate to the MC in any way besides the fact that we are both women. She was overly emotional and cutting everyone off in conversations, getting her hackles up with her sister and daughter whom she adored. It just didn’t make sense….and then there were some scenarios that would never happen. Ever. What mother, whose house has been ransacked and is aware that a recently disappeared friend was being targeted and clearly needs some law enforcement monitoring for safety’s sake, would just gallivant off and live with the sheriff and leave her daughter with her sister across town? That would never happen. I tried to get through it as quickly as I could, but the pacing was all over the place.

I also went to see a chiropractor in The Man’s town. It was phenomenal. I feel like my regular chiropractor is gypping me. He did electromagnetic heat shock therapy on my back. It felt wonderful and amazing. Seriously, find a chiropractor near you that does this! I took Baby to the vet and paid FOUR TIMES the cost of our old vet, two hours away. I will be using Emancipet from now on.

The Man’s dad did arrive on Tuesday morning. His flight was late and when he walked up he had a plane “girlfriend.” She lives in the same town as him, only a half mile from his house! They’d never met; he’d never seen her before around town even though she lived so close and went to the cafe at the end of his street every morning. She was flying down for a week of meetings at Dell. Her kid also goes to the same school as his niece and nephew. What are the odds, right?  Throughout the week we…

Throughout the week we…

  • experienced the sudden death of The Man’s TV (thankfully I’d already moved one of mine to his house!)
  • braved Costco during peak hours
  • traveled 2ish hours away to Ft. Croghun (the third U.S. fort built to protect civilians from Native Americans – ahem, Comanche – in Texas)
  • cooked huge batches of drumsticks (seriously, who is going to eat this!?)
  • and spent Saturday morning on the glass bottom boat tours at Texas State.

Before his dad arrived, I braved the conversation with The Man about what was what last Sunday night. The essence of it was this may be the last time his dad gets to spend time with him while he’s still as healthy as he is. Biopsies were being done. It didn’t sound good, but it sounded like there were some options available and this was just a complex thing because there are multiple in a couple locations. To make matters worse, the stepson (who is my age) is being a complete ass and enraging everyone, making everything worse.

Friday morning as we were about to start preparing to leave for Ft. Croghun, The Man’s stepmom called. The biopsies came back and the definitive answer is it will kill him – it’s just a matter of when. I watched as his dad fell apart. It was surreal; I felt I was having an out-of-body experience, watching down on all of us from above. I couldn’t reconcile with the reality that was unfolding in front of me. That morning was so hard and I am so scared about losing his dad and so worried about The Man. His dad is all he has left. Whatever you believe in, please send the good our way. We need mountains of it.







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10 thoughts on “Sunday Post ~ Grandpa Visits

  1. So sorry about your job woes…and all that traveling. And then The Man’s dad…sending positive energy your way.

    I love that Spring Lake scene. Gorgeous!

    Thanks for sharing…and for visiting my blog.

  2. That sounds like a lot of stress regarding your job and living situation. Definitely sounds like things are going to be crazy for you for awhile. I’m sorry to hear about The Man’s dad.

    That’s great on the giveaway! Always fun to get surprise books! Have a great week!

  3. Whoa. So much happening. Really sorry about the job troubles. I love that picture of the spring. So calming and beautiful. I do hope good things come your way:)

    My Sunday Post

  4. Oh, Charlie, so much to deal with all at once! {{{HUGS}}} I hope the job works out despite the contract issues. And I am so sorry about the Man’s father’s illness. I hope you all get time to spend with him, that he gets the best care possible, and that he, the Man, and the whole family are able to celebrate and treasure whatever time he has left. I will keep you all in my prayers — I’m adding you to my prayer list now.

    • I’ve resigned myself to the fact that it is too late to get out now. I’m stuck there for another year. Another year living on the road out of a suitcase. We have good days and doom and gloom days. We’re trying to keep his dad positive. Thank you for your prayers!

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