My Favorite…Book as a Child

My Favorite.. is a weekly meme hosted by Maureen’s Books. In this meme we share every week something we love with each other. Because let’s face it.. The world can be a dark place and it’s time to share something positive.

Favorite Book as a Child

My favorite book as a child was a series most known and commonly misnamed after the second book in the series (perhaps the most popular) Little House on the Prairie. The series is simply the Little House series, and the first book is Little House in the Big Woods.

I would read the series each year from about 3rd grade through 7th grade or so. Sometimes I’d read more than once in a year! I loved the simplicity of life, the feeling of family and familiarity, and the adventure! I’m not going to lie: I wanted to BE Laura Ingalls. From there I went on to read The Rocky Ridge Years series and The Rose Years.

I do not like the newer covers, though. I prefer the older covers of the Little House series, and even the ones with the plaid border which the other series covers were later styled after. There are even more series. Each of the girls has their own series. These will be my next big book spend.


Which book(s) did you love as a child?

9 thoughts on “My Favorite…Book as a Child

  1. That’s just awesome! I thought I didn’t know ‘The Little House’, but I do know ‘Little House on the Prairie’. I have never read the book though, I did see the tv show when I was younger! It looks and sounds like a great childhood series.
    Thanks for sharing your favorite and for joining!

  2. I don’t remember reading these as a kid. I’m sure I did at some point, though. My favorite was The Boxcar Children and The Babysitter’s Club.

  3. I loved the Little House books! I think my favorite was one of the later books where Alonzo starts driving Laura home from her teaching job on the weekends. I also loved The Babysitters Club and Anne of Green Gables though Nancy Drew was probably my absolute favorite.

    • I loved their relationship. They were good together. I read Anne of Green Gables (the book, not the series) last summer. Well, I listened to it on audio. I loved it! I never read Nancy Drew, but I did read Harriet the Spy and I wanted to be here my entire 5th grade year.

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