Sunday Post ~ Nostalgia

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The little rugrat Cera is doing much better! She finished the antibiotics on Thursday and she is back to her romping self, orchestrating bunny runs with Baby. They’ve been particularly interested in the doghouse that came with The Man’s house. I suspect a batch of bunnies underneath. That is going to get fixed this week, though.

On Tuesday I had to go pick up packages at my house and also go through some tubs of things my mother set aside for me. A lot of it was from my high school prom and graduation and old newspaper clippings, cards, and photos. Oh, so many photos! I now have them all tucked away in a box at The Man’s, but I showed him my amazing winking skills as debuted in childhood photos from age 3-5ish. I did not, however, show him any photos of me sporting an honest-to-God mullet. I do not believe I told my mother I wanted that hairstyle, no matter how much I was enamored of one-hit wonder Billy Cyrus.

Most of the photos were from my pre-teen and teen years, though. It was nice to look back and reminisce on them. I will be the first to admit that I’m a very nostalgic person, as is my mother. I found the homemade birthday card my baby brother made for my 18th birthday when he was learning to write, the only card I could find from my late grandfather, and the university graduation announcement from my late aunt’s master’s degree from the same university I later attended, as well as a few cards from her before she started typing them. I plan to put all my prom and graduation things into my bullet journal, fitting since this year was our 10-year reunion.

My tell-tale winking skills are evident in more than just this Christmas photo. I was a charmer!

This week The Man’s dad comes to visit for a Texas summer. There are some projects on the agenda, but he will also be looking at properties in the area may be looking at properties in the area. On Thursday afternoon The Man was on the phone as soon as he woke up (which never happens unless it’s the DA or court liaison). It was his dad and the news was not good. I don’t even know definitively if he’s still coming down or not, but I hope we have some answers soon.





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9 thoughts on “Sunday Post ~ Nostalgia

  1. Hahaha! I LOVE the winking! What a great idea to put pictures in your bullet journal – so far the only art mine gets is what I can draw (not much) and decorative lettering.

    I hope everything is okay with The Man’s father! Sending positive vibes y’alls way!

    I get nostalgic too – though I save very little. I’m a big scan it, electronically file it, trash it person. I know, horrible. But space! The one thing is that you need reminders to look through things you scanned for nostalgia purposes only, otherwise you’ll never see it.

    Have a great week!

    • I am so showing my students this year my winking photo. It’s so great. I haven’t put any photos in my bullet journal…yet. I put them all into a photo album, but I do want to put a few in my bullet journal. I’m horrible at getting rid of things. I need to be more like you. Want to come help me next summer? I can laminate and cut. 🙂 Now that I’ve been moving things into The Man’s house, I have quickly discovered there is no space. It’s a small house as it is for two people and two dogs – a starter home – and I am DYING without a desk and dedicated space to house my bloggy/bullet journal stuff and have a work space. We’re going to have to rectify that as soon as I get everything else situated. We need another bedroom that can strictly be an office for us to share. He can put all his work gear in there and I can put all my planning materials and artwork up, and it can be closed off to the dogs when we’re not in there.

      We’re still waiting on more word about his dad, but I’m worried about what this will mean. I am trying to be more positive, so I’m hoping for the best. He is still coming for his trip, which makes me happy.

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