Sunday Post ~ I’m Losing It

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I spent the week writing my backlog of reviews. It was a struggle since these were the books I read in April and May, so I was going back and re-reading large chunks of them. With so many historical romances, and two Alex’s and then two Daphne’s, I started mixing things up. I’m still working on the last couple. I’m also considering joining a new meme as Top Ten Tuesday and Feature Follow Friday both seem to be faltering. I want to finish my current book, Blue Steal, before I start any new posts.

I discovered that all of my audiobooks from Audiobook SYNC I downloaded last summer and earlier this summer are gone. I was sad and then that little voice inside of me that keeps telling me I am turning into a hoarder like both my parents rejoiced and threw cakefetti all over the place.

With shift change last Sunday, The Man took it off and we had almost a full week together. We went on our 2.5 mile walk every night. Baby and Cera loved it, and so did I.

I also noticed something BIG.

I’ve lost weight!

I don’t know how much exactly because I don’t believe in scales (I only ever know my weight when I go to the doctor), but can tell a big difference around my hips and torso. My sweat belt is significantly looser and I’m able to wear some undergarments that I bought back in April that were too small and I was too lazy to return. Now they fit, so I have lost considerable inches around my hips. I’m starting to see results from my Plexus regimen! I didn’t know when I would first notice any changes. This is my second round with Plexus. The first time I didn’t stick to it, and I quit it. I started in mid-May and I am seeing results in the one place I thought I never would. And I really haven’t changed my diet at all. I don’t eat out as frequently as during the school year, and I’ve only had soda about five times all summer. That’s really the only thing that has changed, and it’s minimal. I can’t wait to see how I feel in two more months. YAAAAAAY! If you want to know more about Plexus, I’d love to chat with you about it.

Thursday night took a bad turn. Cera wandered into off and came back to the couch smelling funny. I went into the spare bedroom (Baby’s room, although she doesn’t hang out in there much anymore) and found two huge spots of throw-up on the bed and what I thought was a silver dollar size amount of diarrhea. When I started to clean up, I discovered it wasn’t fecal matter. It was blood. And it was midnight. I got dressed and got Cera ready to go and we drove to The Man’s sector. Cera received an officer escort into the emergency vet clinic. They did x rays to check for blockage, fecal test, and some others. She was dehydrated. We were encouraged to leave her overnight for IV fluids, or we could bring her home under constant monitoring. I wanted to bring her home. We got some meds and ID food. I don’t think Cera understood what was going on; all that registered was DADDY. Like being on a field trip in the middle of the night without Baby to see Daddy in a weird place was normal. I will say he looked pretty damn sexy in his uniform. 🙂 When he left we turned around and looked out the window and waved to him. The front desk girl awwwed.








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16 thoughts on “Sunday Post ~ I’m Losing It

  1. I’m so sorry to hear about Cera; I hope she’ll be OK. Did they have any idea what was wrong, or does she need more tests?

    That’s awesome that you’re losing weight. I really need to work on that. Exercising would be a good start!

  2. So sorry about Cera….and what a scary surprise.

    Enjoy catching up on your reviews…and sorry you lost your audiobooks.

    Congrats on the weight loss! Enjoy your week, and thanks for visiting my blog.

  3. Sorry to read about Cera. Yikes! I hate it when something is wrong with our pets. It makes me feel frustrated because they just can’t tell what’s bothering them.. Sigh.. I hope she is doing better.
    Congrats on the weight loss! That’s awesome. 😉
    Have a great week and happy reading!

  4. Hallo, Hallo – travelling through #TheSundayPost – I totally understand where your coming from with a book blogger’s backlogue – I’ve been working on reducing mine for a bit over a year and if things track well steadily through Summer into Autumn, I can finally erase everything which became stagnant on my shelves due to different life situations which arose and took me away from the stories. Sometimes you can only do what you can do – life comes at us quickly – I, too, understand emergency Vet visits and the hardships which comes with pets with medical issues which either need addressing or sometimes, in my case, which led to final goodbyes. Life is not easy at times! 😦 And, our bookish lives can take a backseat whilst we process it all!

    Go you! Not only on the weight loss but on holding strong to get through everything and still find a time and place where you can resume your readings! I, myself, have struggled these past seven months to resume where I had left off last year – my Dad had a moderate stroke the week of Thanksgiving – plus, my Spring pollen allergies this year didn’t leave til early July rather than June; somewhere along the way, I started to find my joy again – in reading, blogging and tweeting; but it took time. We all go through this and like you, I am finding I am appreciating the weekly digest journalling which I can do through #TheSundayPost, as it gives me a personal way of ‘looking back’ and realising which stories I’ve recently visited and which characters I loved being round most – plus, for those who cannot always drop-in during the week, it offers a lovely recapture of my bookish joy!

    If you only knew how many books I place on hold via OverDrive (my local library’s audiobook catalogue) only to log back to find them ‘gone’ from my folder — oy! Chin up, there is always next time – at least this is what I tell myself as I go to place another hold! lol We’ll get to the stories we’re meant to read in the time we’re meant to be with them – that much is always true!!

    You can visit me You can visit me this week via my Sunday Post!

    • I do like looking back to see what was going on in my life through old blog posts. My Sunday Posts have changed in format since I started, and I am thinking about doing some slight changes again. I also use OverDrive for Audibook SYNC, but not for borrowing from a library. Perhaps talk to the librarian? Sorry to hear about your allergies. I hate feeling miserable like that. My aunt also had a heart attack at Thanksgiving several years ago. It is very scary! I’m glad your dad is doing well now.

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