My Personal First Aid Kit

My Personal First Aid Kit

Last September Deb (from posted about her personal first aid kit. I was very intrigued by the topic, but I didn’t have the time to sit down and work on my own personal first aid kit. I threw it into a draft for when I had time to come back to it.

Here is Deb’s first aid kit post. She was inspired to do hers by U.S. blogger Carla Birnberg, who has done this for several years now. Carla wrote a post about her young daughter setting up her own personal first aid kit.

The core of the personal first aid kit is to be an emotional toolkit to treat, comfort and heal emotional injuries (as Deb said). The other thing I really liked about exploring this exercise is that Carla would make a new kit each year, and I loved that idea. We grow and change as people – and things in our life can drastically change in just one year.

Carla built her kit by thinking on these four questions:

  • In a moment where I feel sad what might make me smile?
  • In a moment when I’m lonely/feel like isolating what might provide uplifting company?
  • In a moment of anxiety how might I self-soothe?


1. My Kindle

I read almost exclusively on my Kindle these days. That Kindle goes with me almost everywhere (unless I’m lugging my purse around somewhere). I love to read and with my Kindle I have thousands of books at my disposal instantly.  Give me my Kindle and you might not see me for days. AND I can read in the dark. 🙂


2. A Reminder I Am Loved

I have kept mementos that students have made me. Most of them are either plastered to my classroom cabinet or on my home bulletin board (currently still packed away). I have also started collecting the cards from flowers The Man has sent me, and most especially the beautiful Valentine’s Day card he gave me this year.


3. A Body of Water

I’m a Pisces. Recently my mother told me about my younger childhood I don’t remember much, and the fact that I LIVED in the bathtub. She almost had to replace the bathroom floor. It was my own personal pool. I started taking lessons and did so for 6 years. I am a natural fishie, and being in the water has always soothed me and made me happy.


4. My Kid Movies

I am in love with the movies from my childhood. In April I ordered 8-10 movies that are lesser known (and more expensive!) that my brothers and I watched often. I love watching them when I’m in certain moods. It’s a great throwback and quick and easy therapy session.


5. Colorful Pens

I have always been in love with office products, but especially different pens. Since starting my bullet journal this year, I have discovered I’ve given in to a slight addiction…that might require an intervention.


What would you include in your personal first aid kit? Would you include tangible items like I did or more metaphorical items? 

7 thoughts on “My Personal First Aid Kit

  1. This is such a fun post and also such a great idea. I would probably have my smartphone in there too so I could play stupid games that always calm me when life is getting out of control. I would have my kindle, my bujo, my pens, and a few pictures. Or maybe I could use my smart phone for that too. Thanks for sharing!

  2. I love this idea. Hmm, my Kindle for sure, coffee, headphones, Harry Potter movies, sunny, warm weather. My husband has a thing for pens too. You should see him when we go to Sam’s club, he wants every one of those huge packages of colored pens and sharpies. LOL Ooo I am now following you on Instagram!

  3. This is a really cool post idea! I love it! I definitely need my books when I feel stressed/overwhelmed, they help to centre me so well. 😀 I also like headphones and audiobooks, like just that ability to zone out and listen to a nice narrator. :’) I’d definitely have that in a personal first aid kit!

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