Sunday Post ~ Disappearing

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There was some monumental frustration this week. Especially when you have a coworker who says they will do something for upcoming materials and you trust they will. And they don’t. And you’re stuck floundering.

This week was also the week of our STAAR bootcamp every day after school to prepare for the state assessment. It was the least painful one I’ve ever done, but it was still late nights.


With our bootcamp going on, I wasn’t really able to accomplish anything this week. I packed up all my winter clothes and shuttled them to The Man’s. I’m going to keep bringing things box by box. #thinksmarternotharder

I did finish watching 13 Reasons Why, and I watched the additional content that the creators and actors did. I feel like there needs to be short snippets of that to open the show because it explains what young (and younger than should be watching) teens are seeing and why and why certain situations or behaviors are not OK. I read an article early in the week written by a therapist who is also a mom, and it verbalized all the problems I kept thinking about as I watched. The 11 year-olds I teach are watching it and heralding the culture of bullying and what Hannah did. The messages – even when they reach the end – will not sink in for most, which is in opposition to the point of the show.




I have pretty much run out of scheduled posts from Mini Blog Ahead in March. I have a few things left in my stores, but I think I officially need to take a hiatus. I don’t have time to write or create content. I am always making posts at the last minute these days, sometimes forgetting entirely. I don’t have time to visit and comment back and it makes me feel horrible. I haven’t touched my bullet journal in at least three weeks or more.





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6 thoughts on “Sunday Post ~ Disappearing

  1. Sometimes it’s good to take a little break from blogging – I took a long break last summer and I’ve enjoyed it so much more since I came back to it. I now only blog when I feel like it and make sure I remind myself that it’s a hobby. It’s so hard when life is busy and stressful to find time and energy to blog as well. You can always message me if you want a chat. Sending a hug x

  2. I recently took a small break and highly recommend it. Hopefully, things will be better this week and you can enjoy some reading. I’m going to start watching 13 Reasons this week. My son wants to watch it too. He was bullied for years and now an advocate for stopping it.

    My Sunday Post

  3. I’m glad the STAAR bootcamp wasn’t has bad as it has been in the past. I’ve seen notices go out about the state testing at my daughter’s school, although she’s saved from it just yet given her age.

    I’ve been reading a bit about the controversy surrounding 13 Reasons Why. It makes me want to read the book and watch the show. My daughter is still too young to get caught up in it, but the concerns are definitely something to keep in mind as a parent. It sounds like a show best watched with supervision and a good debriefing after to make sure the right messages are being received. Of course, how many parents really pay attention to what their children are watching? I hope most, but I have my doubts.

    I hate it when I am behind with blogging. I understand your wanting to take a break. I do that too when I don’t have anything ready to post and need time to get stuff together–or just because.

    Take care of yourself, Charlie! Have a good week!

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