Sunday Post ~ Disappearing

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There was some monumental frustration this week. Especially when you have a coworker who says they will do something for upcoming materials and you trust they will. And they don’t. And you’re stuck floundering.

This week was also the week of our STAAR bootcamp every day after school to prepare for the state assessment. It was the least painful one I’ve ever done, but it was still late nights.


With our bootcamp going on, I wasn’t really able to accomplish anything this week. I packed up all my winter clothes and shuttled them to The Man’s. I’m going to keep bringing things box by box. #thinksmarternotharder

I did finish watching 13 Reasons Why, and I watched the additional content that the creators and actors did. I feel like there needs to be short snippets of that to open the show because it explains what young (and younger than should be watching) teens are seeing and why and why certain situations or behaviors are not OK. I read an article early in the week written by a therapist who is also a mom, and it verbalized all the problems I kept thinking about as I watched. The 11 year-olds I teach are watching it and heralding the culture of bullying and what Hannah did. The messages – even when they reach the end – will not sink in for most, which is in opposition to the point of the show.




I have pretty much run out of scheduled posts from Mini Blog Ahead in March. I have a few things left in my stores, but I think I officially need to take a hiatus. I don’t have time to write or create content. I am always making posts at the last minute these days, sometimes forgetting entirely. I don’t have time to visit and comment back and it makes me feel horrible. I haven’t touched my bullet journal in at least three weeks or more.





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Book Blogger Hop #18


The Book Blogger Hop is a weekly meme hosted by Ramblings of a Coffee Addicted Writer. Each week poses a book-related question. The hop starts on Friday and ends on Thursday. The purpose is to give bloggers a chance to follow other blogs, learn about new books, befriend other bloggers, and receive new followers.

How many books have you re-read? If you have re-read books, please tell us the book’s title and why you re-read it. (submitted by Elizabeth @ Silver’s Reviews)

I’ve only re-read a handful of books as an individual. I’m not a big re-reader. I have re-read Outlander numerous times (at least five), Wild Bells to the Wild Sky (probably close to ten or more), and perhaps the first few Diary of a Wimpy Kid books. One day I will re-read the Harry Potter series.

As a teacher, I’ve re-read a lot of books with my students. The first three years in my current district we did book clubs at the end of the year and it was the same books each year: Matilda, Savvy, The Princess Academy, The Watsons Go to Birmingham-1963, Freak the Mighty. The last two years we’ve read Trouble River (which I originally read during my student teaching). And this school year my Pre-AP students read Where the Red Fern Grows (which I read in 4th or 5th grade).

Feature Follow Friday ~ April 28, 2017

Feature & Follow is a blog hop hosted by Parajunkee and Alison Can Read. The goal of Feature & Follow is to meet new bloggers, make friends, and gain readers.

Accessories and Merchandise

What are your favorite book accessories or merchandise you own or want?

I’m not really a merchandise or accessories person. I never have been besides the pretty bookmarks the school book fair (that I never use), but now the things I want are pretty popular and I have none and want basically all of them.

I call them Punkos. Yes, that’s even how I typed it into Google, which corrected me.

You know them as Pop Funkos.

Punkos! I will always remember them this way.

Here’s what I really want!

When I was in high school/early college I also found a jewelry store that makes items from books! The Author’s Attic is amazing! I found them specifically for Outlander jewelry.



The reality of the situation is…




What merch do you want? 

10 Book Characters You Can Meet in Real Life

There are the characters you encounter while reading your favorite books and can relate to them on a personal level, or you know a person that fits their personality perfectly. I have compiled a list of the most relatable literal characters from famous books.

Guest Post – 10 Characters You Can Meet IRL


Elizabeth Bennet: The sarcastic one

She is witty and naturally charming. She does not entertain people who are stuck-up and snobs. She always has answers ready to people who try to bring her down. These answers are usually full of sarcastic remarks that leave the other parties feeling embarrassed. She makes it hard for men to approach her because she intimidates them with her wit and cleverness. She is the kind of person men encounter and coil due to fear. She cannot stand ignorance in people; she would avoid them at all cost just to save herself the trouble of making sarcastic comments.


Sherlock Holmes: The genius

We all have that one genius friend who mesmerizes us with his vast knowledge on everything. He is very innovative and able to analyze things that escape everyone’s attention. He is a great problem-solver because he sees problems as opportunities for having fun and learning at the same time. He does not need to call electronic repairmen, he handles everything by himself and it all seems to work out well. He is also an adrenaline junkie which gets him into a lot of problems due to his escapades. His mind does not allow him to sit still. He is always trying to discover something new.


Emma Woodhouse: The girl next door

She is the ideal girl next door. She is human and not artificial at all. She makes mistakes that are both embarrassing and humiliating but that is what makes her human and so relatable to us all. She is also very nice and encouraging to those who are good to her. She does not care about societal standards and expectations, she does what she feels is right for her. She will flirt with a guy over text, and not get too attached to him. She loves her parents dearly and would sacrifice everything just to see them happy. You’d rather take your opinions to the ends of the earth than tell them to her. She does what she wants.


Pip (Philip Pirrip): The adventurous

He is the typical guy who is looking to explore the world at large. He wants to escape the familiar that he grew up in including his family, friends, neighborhood, and community at large. He is sometimes ashamed of the people around him, and the limitation they are used to. He hates the fact that they require him to to be something he is not, or do certain things as per their expectations. He always feels as if something is missing from his life, and the more he remains in that situation the more miserable he gets. This guy is more responsive to change and craves it.


James Bond: The mysterious

We all know that mysterious guy in our neighborhood or friends circle. It is not clear what he does in life but he always has the best cars, hottest women, nice expensive homes, plus he is always traveling. Any question on his life and work is always met with a shrug or evasive comment. His lifestyle makes you want to be him and experience the good life. He is very attractive with an expensive test in clothes that makes him stand out from the crowd.


Jay Gatsby: Hopeless in love

A lot of men can relate to this character. He seems to have everything, wealth, beautiful women around him, great parties, and great looks. But, he still feels incomplete because he is in love with one woman he can’t easily have. He has so many options around him but he is hell bent on getting the woman who is unavailable. That one woman is his kryptonite, he otherwise seems untouchable to everyone else. His emotions are usually all over the place when he can’t be with the woman he loves. Even with all that wealth surrounding him.


Hercule Poirot: The investigator

Do you know that one friend that can do a better job than any government investigative agency? Yes, this guy has an air for detecting and investigating things that you think he should apply for a job in one of those agencies. He can easily read people and detect if they are lying without using any lie detecting machines or gadgets. He is the one to solve mysteries of missing money, and other things at home, office or school. He is smart and well informed on most subjects. He has a great eye for detail. Don’t lie to him, he will know it immediately!


Anne Elliot and Frederick Wentworth: True love

Anne and Fredrick signify true love which we all yearn for. This couple proves that true love endures and if you truly love someone let them go and they will come back. If it was meant to be, it will be. This is exactly what they endured and ended up together. It is a story we can all relate with, where society and family try to choose who we should marry and to conform most people end up agreeing but lead unhappy lives. They place a choice between your family and the man/woman you are madly in love with.


Hannibal Lecter, Wolf in sheep’s clothing

This is an interesting one. You will meet a few such people in this world. They seem nice and friendly on the outside but are mean machines on the inside. They won’t hesitate to eat you up, both literally and figuratively if you mess with them. This is a person your instinct will probably warn you about because they are on another level of wickedness. They dine and wine with the whose-who in the society and are masters of deception. So watch out for the likes, they are all around us. They deserve to be on another planet quite frankly.


Dr. Watson: The perfect sidekick

This is the kind of guy you call when you want to go out or get yourself in some trouble. He always gets in trouble mostly for his partner’s mistakes than his own. He is caring and a true friend. He is the guy you leave with your wife or girlfriend and no funny business will take place. He is very loyal and supportive of his friends. We all need a Dr. Watson in our life!



Susy Richards is a lovely mother of 3 girls (3 years, 4 years and 5) and a simple woman who is ready to share her priceless experience with other mommies around the world. She is an Advanced Practice Provider who passed birth doula and postpartum doula courses at Childbirth International in 2013. Susy is passionate about providing holistic care and is involved in pregnancy research currently publishing her articles concerning pregnancy on site

WWW Wednesdays (April 26th)


This is a weekly meme hosted hosted by Sam @ Taking On A World of Words. To join in answer the following three questions and hop over to Sam’s and leave your link.

What are you currently reading?

I didn’t post last week…because life. Seriously, there is not enough time in the day for these life-changing events I’m preparing for right now. And this week I’ve had an after school reading camp each day until 5:30. So glad tomorrow is the last day of it and I can get back to my reading.

I am still holding off on another audiobook for a bit. I will already have a backlog of 10-12 reviews to write. Eureka! But…Audiobook SYNC is right around the corner! 

29875862I have barely dived into my newest read, My One True Highlander. I am not going to finish the books I wanted to by the end of April, but I only have this book and one more left! 🙂  I think I am just about to shift gears into Ireland.

Rugged highlander Graeme has one thing on his mind—take a stand against the horrible Englishman Lattimer and he will be rewarded with enough money to be set for life. But when his reckless younger brothers take it one step too far and kidnaps a young woman on her way to see Lattimer, Graeme has to intervene. He cannot send the lady back without his kin getting in trouble. And when a damsel this beautiful is dropped into your lap, it’s hard to let her go…

Marjorie should be terrified she’s been captured by highland scoundrels, but it’s hard to live in terror when your captor is a devilishly handsome and sinfully tempting as Graeme is. She cannot stay by his side forever—no matter how her heart may pound at the thought—but Graeme seems to have other plans. This wicked highlander is out to seduce her and doesn’t plan to stop until she’s in his arms…forever…

 What did you just finish reading?


I picked up a little reading speed, and then I trailed off. [life] But I’m still moving forward with my NetGalley books. I decided to change the order just a bit because these covers matched a bit. I Dared the Duke was a somewhat light and airy read. The family background of the MC and her sibling, as well as a bad business choice by a con, have left them in somewhat dire straits. When a rumored threat surfaces around the ton as payback for a Duke’s young antics, he can no longer be derelict in his duties. He must protect his twin sisters at all costs as they make their debuts, and that requires hiring a chaperone. I loved the way the characters grew throughout the course of the book. The twins throw tantrums and literally fight over things like ribbons and such. And when they both set their eyes on the same man….Whew, I thought it was all over! But they surprised me so much.

I finished the last few chapters of The Bad Luck Bride Friday night. I LOVED this story. The MC, Claire, is the daughter of a duke and comes from an extremely wealthy lineage. Enough so to leave her with two properties of her own as well as funds for her entire life that she still wouldn’t be able to spend. She helps run her mother’s charity, which houses injured soldiers, their wives and children of deceased soldiers. They rehabilitate and help build skill sets to find housing and jobs. Isn’t that a wonderful endeavor? Claire maintains and grows her mother’s charity in her memory. She also struggles with her own fears from the childhood accident that took her parents. There is much residual trauma that she never dealt with. By the standards of the time, if anyone had seen her in public when she got in that way, they’d lock her up in Bedlam. And that’s how Alex finds her on the balcony at her engagement party following a missive from her fiance calling it off…and manipulates her into marrying him. You will need the tissues for this one!

What do you think you’ll read next?

I recently added two new NetGalley books to my list. When these are done I will continue working backwards through my backlog. Each book gets me closer to my goal!

 How about you? What are you reading this week?

Leave a comment with your answers! Share the link to your WWW Wednesday post OR leave your answers in the comments if you don’t have a blog. Happy Reading! 🙂

Blitz + Giveaway: Debutante

Davenport House Prequel: Debutante
Marie Silk
Publication date: April 21st 2017
Genres: Historical, Young Adult

The family saga begins in Debutante, a prequel to the best-selling Davenport House series. A life of luxury for the Davenports means drudgery for the servants on the grand country estate. This is their story in 1909 America, six years prior to the events of book one.

While her father is away on business, sixteen-year-old Mary Davenport feels confined and alone, despite her privileged life at the family’s mansion. As the day of Mary’s debutante ball draws near, the servants are conflicted by instructions from Mary’s mother to starve her until she fits into a gown that was made too small. Mary is also under pressure to act the part of society while being forbidden from seeing her only friend, the servant boy who works in the stable.

In a shantytown hours away, a young girl called Abigail is hired to sew a gown for a dressmaker’s wealthy patron. Abigail gives up her education in order to provide for her impoverished family. Neither she nor Mary is aware of how connected their futures are destined to become.

Goodreads / Amazon

Special release price of 99¢!

AND: Each book in the series will be on sale for 99¢ between April 22-27!


Author Bio:

Marie Silk has enjoyed writing stories and plays since childhood. She lives with her family in the United States and travels the globe as often as life permits. She is an admirer of history, antiques, and architecture. Marie is the author of the best selling Davenport House family saga.

Website / Goodreads / Facebook


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Blitz + Giveaway: Last Semester

Last Semester
Corine Mekaouche
Publication date: April 21st 2017
Genres: Comedy, New Adult, Romance

When Johanna ‘Jo’ Gold, witty college life blogger and senior at Rutan University, decides to move in with three male strangers her last semester of school, her life unexpectedly turns upside down. While dealing with her new roommates, A.J., the pompous rich kid who feels trapped in following his father’s footsteps; Rob, the prematurely engaged former womanizer who tries to force Jo out of the house at all costs; and Drew, the 21-year-old virgin genius whose encounters with women have been more than limited, Jo learns that change isn’t always easy and it’s up to her to learn how to survive the remainder of her time at Rutan the best that she can. Along with searching for her missing mother, figuring out a clever way to pay for school tuition on her own, and dealing with the childish pranks brought on by a certain roommate, Jo’s issues seem more complicated than the average 21-year-old. Can Jo endure the dramatic perils of college while planning for life after graduation?

Goodreads / Amazon


“Breathe, Rob! Just breathe!” I demand in a panicky voice from the back seat as we swiftly pull up to the entrance of the hospital. Clutching his chest in pain next to me, he heaves out a few spouts of air, but it’s not enough to help him.


I watch my roommate Rob’s cheeks turn from a shade of deep pink to a dark crimson red. “A.J.! He’s getting worse!” I yell to my other roommate in the driver’s seat. He rolls his eyes then turns around.

“Calm down, Jo!” he exclaims. “I can’t think when you’re yelling like this!”

Drew, our other roommate, and usually the voice of reason, says nothing as he quickly jumps out of the Range Rover and runs into the hospital entrance.

“Can’t. Breathe,” Rob manages to force out of his mouth, then before I know it, his body falls limp and his head somehow ends up on my lap. His eyes roll to the back of his head.

“I think he’s dying!” I whine and suddenly I’m losing my breath.

Releasing a loud groan, A.J. climbs out of the SUV and casually walks into the hospital as if nothing is wrong.

Why is he so calm and I’m flipping the hell out?

I begin to shake Rob’s shoulders but he doesn’t respond and I’m almost positive that he’s not breathing at all now.

It’s official.

I killed my roommate.

Okay, maybe he’s not dead yet, but if death was a road, he just made a left turn for the worse then ran over a few annoying potholes and some week old roadkill…and probably drove off a cliff or something…

Ugh! I don’t even know what I’m saying anymore! I feel guilty for doing this to him and I feel even more guilty because I kinda hate his arrogant, smug ass, but just because someone is an asshole doesn’t mean that they deserve to die, does it?

The back door opens and I see A.J. and Drew standing outside with a wheelchair. A.J. roughly wraps his arms around Rob’s body and begins to pull him out of the car. “Fuck! He’s like the size of an ogre,” he complains as he struggles to get Rob into the wheelchair. The fact that Rob is as useless as a wet noodle right now makes it difficult for A.J. to adjust Rob’s body in the chair. I cringe just watching it.

“I knew this was going to happen one day,” Drew says shaking his head. “The inevitable always happens.”

Shooting Drew a snarling glare, A.J. grits his teeth. “Just roll the goddamn chair into the hospital,” he instructs. Drew turns the chair around and begins to jog into the emergency room with Rob’s body leaning to one side. A.J. looks at me in the SUV, annoyed. “Well, are you coming?” he asks and I just freeze.

Do I stay? Do I go? I don’t know what to do with myself!

Taking a quick yet deep breath, I climb out of the SUV, shut the door and join A.J. on the other side of the vehicle.

“I’m horrible,” I blurt out and I can feel wetness welling in my eyes. “I’m a horrible person.”

“Dammit, Jo! I hate it when girls cry,” he complains as he shuts the other back door and begins to walk into the hospital. He pauses in his tracks when he notices that I’m not following him.

I’m frozen.


Author Bio:

The geek and a dreamer, Corine Mekaouche has always had the vision of becoming a writer. While growing up in the New Jersey suburbs, Corine spent her childhood immersed in music, novels, and writing. To her, the arts was the best escape ever. For college, she attended Rutgers University majoring in English and minoring in Theatre Arts. Somehow, Corine survived the college experience and became somewhat of a grown-up yet still kept the vision of being a writer alive because it may be all she’s qualified for. So, she wrote and wrote until Last Semester, a new adult novel about college life and growing up, was born. Currently, she is writing other novels and plays for future release. When she’s not writing, loudly singing to songs in her car or dancing in random places for no apparent reason, Corine is being an awesome wife and a mom residing outside of the wonderfully flawed New York City..

Website / Twitter


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Tuesday Teaser & Intro: I Dared the Duke


I am powering through the remainder of The Power of the Matchmaker series. I am hoping to finish reading this one tonight so I can meet my goal of reading five books this month!


30199416Synopsis ~ I Dared the Duke by Anna Bennett

Alexander Savage, the Duke of Blackshire, is known throughout the ton for three things: the burn scars on his neck, his ornery disposition, and the trail of broken hearts behind him. None of which would concern Miss Elizabeth Lacey in the least—if she weren’t living under his roof. As his grandmother’s companion, Beth is all too concerned with the moody and compelling duke. Incensed by his plans to banish the sweet dowager duchess to the country, Beth refuses to do his bidding. If Alex wants her help, he’s going to have to take her dare…and grant her three wishes.

Alex adores his grandmother, which is precisely why she must leave. A string of unfortunate incidents has him worried for the safety of everyone around him—including the dowager’s loyal and lovely companion, Beth. But the notorious wallflower isn’t as meek as she appears, and as their battle of wills heats up, so does Alex’s desire. He’s dangerously close to falling in love with her…and revealing secrets he’d rather keep hidden. How can he convince her that his darkest days are behind him—and that, for the first time in forever, his heart is true?


Chapter 1


London, July 1818

Alexander Savage, the Duke of Blackshire, was known throughout the ton for three things: the horrific burn scars on his neck, his distinctly ornery disposition and his undisputed skill at .. that is, his innate ability to…er, a certain knack for pleasing –


Beth’s heart beat frantically, but she ignored the men as she continued down the gravel path. They were just drunken boys, she told herself. A nuisance, but hardly dangerous. [Loc 869]

Would you keep reading? 

tuesdayTeaser Tuesday is hosted by The PurpleBooker. Post two sentences from somewhere in a book you’re reading. No spoilers, please! List the author and book title too. Link up HERE.

First Chapter/First Paragraph/Tuesday Intros is hosted by Bibliophile By The Sea. To participate, share the first paragraph (or a few) from a book you’re reading or thinking about reading soon. Link up HERE.


Cover Characteristics: Balloons

Cover Characteristics2

This is a new meme hosted by Sugar & Snark. It came about when Sugar was wondering which cover to use for her #70 Cover of the Week post. Sugar kept on thinking of more than one, and they all seemed to have a theme/characteristic. So she decided to switch things up a bit!

Each week we will post a characteristic and choose 5 of our favorite covers with that characteristic. If you want to join in and share your 5 favorite covers with the week’s particular characteristic, then just make a post, grab the meme picture (or make your own) and leave your URL in Linky (so we can visit). You don’t even need to participate, just stopping by and saying hi would be great! Don’t forget to stop by the other participants!


Have we done this one before? I don’t remember, but I feel like we have. Balloons are so whimsical and fun!


Read More »

Sunday Post ~ Pause

0abf9b9e-b7ac-4d59-b451-7eb7c64ea1b9_zps47hi5hueThe Sunday Post is a weekly meme hosted by Kimba @ Caffeinated Book Reviewer. It’s a chance to share news, a post to recap the past week on your blog, showcase books and things received, and share news about what is coming up on the blog for the week ahead. To get in on the Sunday funday, see the rules here: Suday Post Meme.


My students had their second-to-last library visit last week, and I took my new yearbook officers to our spring workshop. It is held at Dave and Buster’s, so we get to have a little fun, too! I’m gearing up for a daily after school reading bootcamp this week…until 5:30 every day. Ugh.



No progress with the super secret announcement. I’m starting to become frustrated. Just keep swimming, I guess.

Not much else going on. I am packing up my winter clothes this week to take to The Man’s. I’m moving small things at a time.

The Man’s dad is coming back down at the end of July for about 10 or so days. 🙂



As promised, I got a video up of Cera. She is still chasing sharks.


I have no extra time in the week to get through all the linkies and visit. Besides Sunday Posts and WWW Wednesday posts, I haven’t written anything new in weeks. My nice cushion from Mini Blog Ahead is now running out – and fast. I haven’t touched my bullet journal all week, either.

I think I might take a semi-hiatus until things straighten out with school and the announcement thing.


The Gentleman’s Promise | Serenade | Beautiful Sacrifice



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