Sunday Post ~ The Week After The In-Laws

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This week I was on a district walk at campuses, and it was actually enjoyable. There were just some logistical issues that they now know for next time. In the process, I got to see my old partner whom I started teaching with! She went down to elementary for this school year, and The French Fry Queen made an appearance. THEN I saw my kindergarten teacher! I was off on Friday, so I was only in the classroom 3 days this week. It was nice.


There wasn’t a lot of time left over this week. I did go on Monday night to get my nails done since time ran out last weekend. I went to a place near my house (usually I go to a place near The Man’s house) and I LOVED it. The best salon I have ever been to, and the guy working on me was not afraid to dig around at my toes – which is the #1 reason why I go get pedicures. I think I might make this my go-to place…even after I move. I also spent one entire night updating all the official stuff for jobs. I started looking and applying to about a dozen new jobs. The one I found during spring break that I was really interested in had already closed, but I’m moving forward with this.

The Man’s parents came in for the week. They flew in on Monday and they flew out late afternoon yesterday. Then they’re flight was delayed until 8pm last night. It was snowing back home, and it was 80s all week here. They went to The Alamo and the River Walk one day, to the rodeo the next day, and to the outlet malls (which they don’t have back home). I was nervous meeting The Man’s stepmom, but after I initially arrived things were off to a great start. She looks like a little pixie and she cracks me up. She LOVED Baby and Cera, and they loved her. We went to a classic car museum (my idea) and it was awesome! The Man even bought me a car!

The bedroom furniture is also FINALLY being delivered this week. The Man and I have been living out of suitcases with clothes strewn all over the place for weeks. He purchased the furniture two months ago and it is finally being



The week started going really well with my Instagram goal (of increasing my followers). By midweek I was up 30-something followers…and then all of a sudden I had more unfollowing than following and those numbers started going down. I think the Crowdfire app is also sucking my battery. I don’t know if it’s worth it. I guess I’ll keep using it for a while and examine the results.


This week I didn’t do much work around the blog (again). My goal this week was to get all my reviews for the year cross-posted, but that is decidedly not going to happen. Maybe next weekend when The Man is sleeping and at work.

Hopefully this coming week I am able to get around to visiting and commenting. There was no extra time for me to get around to it this week. I only got a few more chapters into The Piper’s Price. I hope I get a little farther today.


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My students and I finished The Phantom Tollbooth on Monday. Hoooraaay! We’ve only been reading it since the beginning of December.

I also finished To Move the World and started reading The Piper’s Price. I’m still not very far into it yet (less than 10 chapters), but I already have ideas swirling around about what is going to happen. After finishing up this one, I’ll be moving back to my NetGalley list of books.


18 thoughts on “Sunday Post ~ The Week After The In-Laws

  1. How fun to catch up with your partner and your kindergarten teacher! And it sounds like the in-law visit went really well too. Somehow I never read Phantom Toll Booth and had never really even heard of it until I was adult. No idea how I missed such a classic! Have a great week!

    • It was nice. I wish we’d had more time – but that’s a teacher’s #1 need. I think the visit was successful – reaffirming I’m not a crazy and all. I had never heard of The Phantom Tollbooth either! It was really weird getting started. Not until about 60 pages in did I start catching on.

  2. I’m so glad you were able to re-connect with your former partner! And then to see your kindergarten teacher! I exchange Christmas cards still with mine, who has long been retired. I was worried when I didn’t hear from her this year, but she ended up sending a card late with a note about what she’d been up to.

    Good luck with the job search. I hope you find something you like! I am glad you had a nice visit with the Man’s folks! I bet your bedroom furniture is great. What a relief to finally have it there.

    Chicks certainly do dig libraries. 🙂

    Have a great week, Charlie!

    • It was nice. So much has happened in her life in just these short few months we’ve been apart! I felt SO out oings af the loop. That is so sweet you keep in contact with your teacher! I wrote to my 2nd and 3rd grade teachers until I stopped receiving responses from them in middle school. I keep up with a handful of high school teachers on Facebook, and spend some time with my freshman science teacher once in a blue moon (she also taught in my district until this year). I’m hoping the furniture arrives with no issues and I can start moving things around on Friday. Happy reading!

  3. I so need a pedi! It’s almost summer and time to start babying my little piggies. Sounds like a busy and fun week. Love your dog pic. A thunder shirt didn’t help my greyhound mix. She’d jump on the bed and it would shake all over like it was possessed. LOL

  4. Wow, it sounds like you’ve been busy lately. Your dogs are cute. I thought about getting my dog a thundershirt, but I’m not sure if it would work. She usually just squeezes under the bed and shakes until the thunder stops.

    • Hey, AJ! Your dog is probably suffering from anxiety. Baby does the same thing – she’ll go cower somewhere she feels safe. Sometimes she also starts shaking at the onset of a storm or in other situations that raise her anxiety (like when she thinks we’re leaving because a bag is packed). I highly recommend getting a Thundershirt for your dog – it’s like a constant hug for them. We also ordered one for Cera over the weekend.

  5. Sounds like another busy week Charlie.
    I only had a pedi ones when I was in Mexico. I really need to do it more often but somehow I forget it all the time. And now I do it myself.. Looks bad! LOL!
    Awesome that the furnishing is finally coming! 😉
    Good luck again this week. Have a great week and happy reading!

    • Set a reminder on your phone! I’ve decided on going on Sunday mornings as soon as they open because I’ve found they aren’t as busy. Even when I was at my lowest weight as an adult, I still couldn’t get to my toes the way you need to, and I had some issues with ingrown nails, so I decided when I started teaching to let the professionals do it. I can’t wait to see the furniture!

  6. I’ve had exactly one mani/pedi in my life. My husband treated me for my birthday a few years ago. lol Sounds like you’ve been pretty busy. Glad the meeting with the in-laws went well. And yay for furniture!! I remember when we moved to NC from OH and had to wait 3 months for the Marine Corps to move our stuff. We slept on an air mattress (that lost air every single night), Anna slept in a pack-n-play (she was only 6 months so that wasn’t so bad) and we had 2 lawn chairs for our living room. Ah. Good times. LOL

    • That is my one expensive treat to myself. I can’t wait to see what the furniture actually looks like and how it fits in the bedroom on Friday. There are apparently four drawers on the underside of the bed, so more storage space! I remember sleeping on an air mattress like that on a hard, tiled living room floor. I was miserable for just those few days. I can’t say I can’t believe it took that long because I know all government agencies seem to work at snail speed, but that sounds a tad too long!

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