My Book Haul

I haven’t been keeping up with my haul in my Sunday Posts like I used to. I’ve neglected updating what I got in the last few months all year long, so it is well overdue.




I had a $50 B&N giftcard from two Christmases ago that I still have not used since there aren’t many in my area. I was already in the area for another important purchase, so I swung in to the closest location. Apparently a $50 GC will buy you two books at B&N. I walked out paying a little over $100 in books, and this is what I got:

6 thoughts on “My Book Haul

  1. So many great books here I don’t even know where to start! I have Summer of the Woods and am really excited about it and I really enjoyed In Farleigh Field. Tastes Like Murder looks like a fun read as does I Dared the Duke. Great haul at B & N as well! We have one and I buy lots of children’s books there but tend to buy most of my books from amazon because they are a bit pricey.

  2. These should keep you happy for a month or two or…..LOL I spy a few I haven’t heard of before too:)

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