Sunday Post ~ Spring Break

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I was hoping my observation would be done this week, but I’m still waiting. I tried something new with the persuasive writing unit. I thought it would work better than it did, so I don’t think I’ll be doing it again. Tuesday I was called to the office and subpoenaed in regards to a former student. The subpoena was for the first day of spring break! Seriously!? Who does that? Lesson Learned: apparently I must have children to be dismissed, so I suppose I should start working on that.

I was at school late every single day, not leaving until 6 or later each day except Friday. On Thursday, it was 7pm by the time I got in my car to leave!

All the technology on campus is revolting, and the scantron machine has resorted to telling it like it is. I came so very close to going The Office on it that I had to walk away after it sucked in 10 or so scantrons and there was no way to extract them..after I tried extracting one that got stuck:


I’ve decided to do away with The Human Connection segment of my Sunday Posts and incorporate it here. The whole point was to leave work at 5pm two days a week and do something with someone else at some point during the week non-work related. I’ve been having a hard time doing both of those things lately, so I’m just doing away with the whole thing as a segment.

I stressed out a lot about the supoena. I cooked a few times this week (and thus a reduction of eating out), so I was happy with that.

Last weekend The Man and I switched out my mattress at my house (an hour away) with the one from Baby’s room. I’ve seen a significant improvement in the quality of sleep I’m getting. I don’t think this will completely solve my sleep issues, but I saw improvements. I think the box spring also needs to be replaced, but in three months The Man and I will be in the same house, so it doesn’t really matter that much at this time.

This week I will be finishing the yearbook, going to court, working on the blog and reading it up, and also enjoying my new birthday gifts (below).



I thought I was going to get a massive amount of reading (or listening, I think I’m ready to start a new audiobook) done this week as well as a significant amount of posts for Mini Blog Ahead since it ends on the 15th. I got a total of jack shit done. I didn’t even get a WWW post up. The entire subpoena thing got me all knotted up for over half the week. I barely finished King of the Friend Zone after my Kindle hit my face several times Wednesday night, though.


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My students thought we would eek out finishing The Phantom Tollbooth so they could take their tests, but it just didn’t happen. I read as fast as I possibly could on Wednesday, and then when we met again on Friday I had counted how many pages we’d actually read on Wednesday and how many we still had to go and there was no way. I told them we would finish the first two days we come back from the break and they would still get to take their tests before AR grades start to get entered in the gradebook.


13 thoughts on “Sunday Post ~ Spring Break

  1. Whoa. You are very very busy! I’m surprised you find any time to read at all. Especially with those late hours at work. Have fun digging in the dirt! I always find it satisfying and relaxing.

    My Sunday Post

    • Yeah. So much for all those ignorant teacher jokes. They infuriate me so much. Because I take a shortcut getting to work to avoid most of the school zone and cut through the downtown area in the mornings, it takes me longer going home (because there’s no light where I turn to start my shortcut). It’s a 50 minute drive to get home in the evenings. I feel like I’m failing at all of my projects, my reading, and just life right now. Ironically, the dirt will help me feel better!

  2. I hate getting subpoenas…court work was part of my career for thirty years, so I got used to it. I wouldn’t want to get one now! Not that I expect one.

    Love that Sunday Funnie…I think I still make the cow announcement when there are children in the car, even if they’re teenagers. lol

    Thanks for sharing…and for visiting my blog. Have a great week!

  3. You might not have done everything you wanted, but you still got a lot done. I hope you get a little more breathing time soon.
    I’m also trying to eat out less. It’s hard because I don’t get off work until 8 or 9 in the evening. Taking my lunch to work doesn’t happen as much as it should.

  4. So busy! I would freak out if I got subpoenaed. I guess no one is exempt from lawsuits. I hope this week is a bit better for you. Yeah for better sleep.

  5. Sounds like you’ve been crazy busy. I also haven’t been doing as good on the Mini Blog Ahead Challenge as I wanted too. But what else is new?! 😀 Haha! I keep on trying though!
    Love the Cow bit. 🙂
    Have a great week and happy reading!

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