Feature Follow Friday ~ March 10, 2017

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Books That Made Me Cry

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

Oh, goodness. I can’t possibly list all of them or even think of all of them over the years, but I will try my best!

29875888-1Someone to Love made me cry for different reasons. First because of how Willow grew up. Her relationship is what I fear too many children today face at home. Then her entire backstory and the residual side effects for it. I talk a little in depth about it in my review from Monday. I cried for the girl I was and what could have happened to me, like Willow. I cried for my friends who invisibly now have a semicolon tattoo, and for my cousin who chose the period.

26301710Tears of frustration on this one! I know it was a hard situation all around for the MC, but the constant loop playback of “I’m not a good wife” was too much. And then she would force herself to make herself miserable and unhappy trying to prove to herself she was a good wife when no one around was disagreeing. The self-hurt cycle was strong here and it was wearing.

3367956I think I cried while reading Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet. The title just lends itself naturally to tears. No one likes bitter. I can’t really remember since I read it last spring, but I am almost 100% positive I cried. The story was so touching to me. It is a favorite in my heart.

11925514Which is also where my next book resides. Code Name Verity was a book I had heard around, but just by its title. I had no idea what it was about, and even when I started reading it I skipped the synopsis. It is an incredible story and I ugly cried. Oh, I ugly cried. In fact, when I got the climax (which I was not expecting at all!) I was keening in the bathroom because that’s where I happened to be while I was listening. I had to take deep breaths and really get myself together before I could walk out. This book carries such an impact. It is one that you will never forget.


Dish! Which books have made you cry? 

8 thoughts on “Feature Follow Friday ~ March 10, 2017

  1. Code Name Verity broke my heart when I read it – I still remember it so clearly now years later. It’s a book I often recommend though because it is such a good story. I have Hotel on the Corner Bitter and Sweet on my TBR and really must get to read it soon.

    • CNV is a phenomenal story. I don’t know if I could ever read it again, though. (Like how I can never watch The Green Mile ever again. I seriously hyperventilated.) Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet is also a phenomenal story. The story is told in current day and flashbacks to Henry’s childhood. I loved it and I’m glad I own a physical copy. I hope you enjoy it!

  2. I don’t cry very often while I’m reading. The only one that comes to mind is Where the Red Fern Grows but I’m sure there are more I’m not remembering. Thanks so much for linking up at Booknificent Thursday on Mommynificent.com this week!

    • I cry at almost everything these days. The misunderstood thing keeping the two lovers apart in a romance? I cry. A wedding? I cry. A heartfelt reflection on life? I cry.

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