Sunday Post ~ The Fairly Odd Week

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It was a strange week. I learned some new information about work that helped me solidify my decisions the man and I have made. It also makes me wonder about how the rest of this year is going to go.

I’ve been entering quite a few Goodreads giveaways lately. Only for books I’d really read, and only when I get an email that I’ve shelved a book or I see Carrie from Reading is My Super Power posts a batch each week.

16807746_10154391736687643_6548741732684048055_nBaby and Cera have been getting along beautifully. Baby’s nickname is now Eeyore, and Cera’s nickname is Crash. Photo evidence to prove it. The first night both gates were put up, Cera crashed through the bottom one.

And Baby went and crawled in her bed in the kitchen and slept there all night. These two are something else, but they bring such joy and happiness to the man and me.

Cera also fell in the couch Friday night and it was the funniest thing. She was trying to run all around the couch, which has two sections, and she crashed right into the little hole in between the sections and got a little stuck. She also crawled under the bed Saturday morning to sleep and I couldn’t find her for about 10 minutes until I heard her jingles.


Somebody Like You |  Once in a Blue Kentucky Moon

Obsidian Sky | Shopping for a Billionaire’s Honeymoon

Chameleon | Autumn’s Dance



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I’ve been very lax in updating new books I’ve received. Right now it’s a little too much worth the effort for the time involved, but I think that talking about my reading twice a week in my Sunday Posts and my WWW Wednesday posts is helping me keep moving forward. I finished Somebody’s Baby last week and finally started reading Chasing Fireflies, the next book in the Power of the Matchmaker series from last year. As I write this, I’m currently around the 25% mark. My goal for February was to read five books, and this is my fourth so I think I’m going to meet my goal! My only problem is I have about six (or more?) reviews I need to write, and I just am not feeling it at all.

My students and are still getting through The Phantom Tollbooth. We only have about 120 pages left. I think we will finish within the next two weeks at the rate we are currently going.



I started this feature as part of my Sunday Posts in the fall. After being asked by a coworker – in all seriousness – if I had a life, I decided to join disc jockey Bobby Bones of Kase 101 in doing one human thing each week.

How does it work?

In order to not lose what little sanity I have left and in order to not become enslaved to the Texas Education Agency via my school district, I will…

  • leave school within an hour of dismissal once a week
  • go do one human thing with another human
  • talk about my human thing on the blog each week

I feel like I had some really good human connections this week, which I haven’t had in a while. I’ve been alright at leaving work twice a week before 5pm, but have been lacking in the human connection department. This week I spent a lot of time reflecting on my work relationship with a former co-worker and writing a working reference. I am so incredibly happy for her because she got the job! It is something that speaks to her soul, which is the best kind of job.

I also made a mad-dash with a new coworker for a drinks run (non-alcoholic, aka McDonald’s) and food for me before the electives fair. We got to have some face time since she rarely comes out of her classroom, and it was nice. I think she needed it.

On Friday as I was belatedly leaving and dreading getting stuck in traffic and not seeing the man before he had to leave for work, I came upon a coworker whom I don’t have a lot of interactions with in the parking lot. I think she was about to have a screaming moment, and she shared her frustrations with me. I thought that it was just me who felt odd about the interactions of another coworker toward me, but that is how their program is treated as well. We talked about all manner of things and then two other coworkers came out at different times and we just had face-time in the parking lot. Our conversations reinforced my own thoughts about my future. I didn’t get in my car until 6pm, and I missed the man by mere minutes. 😦

I’m also hauling out a major collection in my bullet journal that is a combination of units I teach, one which is happening right now. I’m excited about it, and my yearbook students got to see the pages in the process. Most of them either did the project last year or are working through it right now in my language arts class. My former ELA students loved it, and were interested to see what I would do with it in my bujo.

13 thoughts on “Sunday Post ~ The Fairly Odd Week

  1. A bullet journal class project sounds really fun and beneficial. Would you believe I’ve never read The Phantom Tollbooth? Somehow we never got to it in school and I never read it on my own either. Sounds like a crazy week work wise with lots of interesting discussions. I’m glad you’re feeling more certain about your decisions. That always makes things so much easier. Cera sounds like a character! Have a great week!

    • For the most part, they are loving the bullet journals. I think they enjoy using my stencils more than anything! I had never read The Phantom Tollbooth either. I don’t know if I would have picked it up on my own, though. Cera is a hoot. I’m thinking of calling the two of them The Goonies.

  2. What a fun exciting and very busy week you’ve had. I’m looking forward to what you think of Taylor’s book, Chasing Fireflies. I’ve read all of her books and enjoyed them. You furbabies sound adorable and quite the hand full. They do keep us young, don’t they. LOL

    My Sunday Post

    • I’m less than halfway through it, and it was a little odd starting. I am not sure how it’s going to end, but it’s been fun reading! The furbabies are quite the duo. They do keep us young!

  3. The two dogs together sound amazing! This just reinforces my want for a second puppy here at home – once Freddy reaches 2, that is 🙂
    I’m sorry things are still tense at work, but how good that you were able to chat with some coworkers about it, even if it happened in the parking lot, and you missed the man.
    I hope you’ll enjoy your new books, and that the coming week will be a great one!

  4. One day I will have two puppies, right now One puppy, a cat and a hamster is enough 🙂 But if we ever get a house I want more animals

    I love the bullet journal! Those look so awesome but I just don’t think I can do them 🙂

    I hope you have a great week, Charlie! Happy Reading!

    • We are definitely going to have to expand. Right now I don’t even have desk space, and the dogs’ room doubles as the guest room…which they won’t like when there are guests! The bullet journal is actually not as hard as I was making it out to be, but it can be time-consuming. Happy reading!

  5. It sounds like you’re making some big decisions at the moment (work and life-wise). Also nice to spend a bit of time with co-workers.

    I tried to work from home for a while a few years ago and really felt the difference – not having any colleagues. Even now I’m not ‘friends’ with any of my colleagues and we don’t socialise outside of work but it’s nice to talk to others about stuff happening and talk about your weekend etc…

  6. I love reading about Cera and Baby. 🙂 I am glad they are getting along well together. ❤

    I am glad you were able to get some face time with coworkers. I ran into the father of one of my daughter's classmates the other day when I was picking up my daughter and he and I got to talking about our daughters' teacher. He voiced some of the concerns I've been having–it was nice to hear I am not alone. And then I had a conversation with the a neighbor whose son attends the same school as my daughter (same grade/different class) just yesterday about something else school related–our concerns and stressors. It's refreshing to hear I'm not alone from people who are in the same place I am. I'm such an introvert–and shy on top of it.

    Anyway, I hope you have a great week, Charlie!

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