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The new puppy, Cera, went to the vet last week. She was a hit with everyone there. She’d go up and sit in front of them with her he has very narrow nasal passages and has a reverse sneeze. They also think she is a Beagle. She is still having accidents in the house, and we think it is just to mark her territory and piss Baby off. She keeps pooping in Baby’s room and even on Baby’s huge bean bag. Ugh. She has started using the synthetic grass patch to pee on, so here’s to hoping!

Y’all! I about keeled over when I heard the news, even though after the second day back to work in August I called it. Last week our principal held a last-minute, unscheduled faculty meeting. I was at duty, which we never get relieved from (and always get the stink eye and nowhere to sit when we come in late to faculty meetings). By the time I was relieved, it was over. She announced she is retiring at the end of this school year in June. I have always had catty remarks in my observations from her, so I am hoping this year she will pass on this since she is not returning in the fall.

Our UIL were this week, so all the stress is now over! Tuesday we took our speaking students to their event, and the writing was graded. Saturday everyone else went for their competitions. There were some issues with scoring and following the UIL rules. The host school was not putting out all of the judging sheets for verification, and they also would put something out and not announce it until the window was closed so that when coordinators and coaches would go to verify, they were taking the judging sheets and tests away. Right before the awards, they called all the coordinators from the different schools in and basically had a “don’t blame us for the fuck-ups even though we had a UIL “guru” pulling the strings and really running the show” meeting. That was displeasing, but our kids took home at total of 39 awards! The 7th grade took home 3rd overall. Our kids were so well-behaved and mannered and I am so proud of all of them.




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I finally started two new books!



I started this feature as part of my Sunday Posts in the fall. After being asked by a coworker – in all seriousness – if I had a life, I decided to join disc jockey Bobby Bones of Kase 101 in doing one human thing each week.

How does it work?

In order to not lose what little sanity I have left and in order to not become enslaved to the Texas Education Agency via my school district, I will…

  • leave school within an hour of dismissal once a week
  • go do one human thing with another human
  • talk about my human thing on the blog each week

While I didn’t really have my human connection this week, I did spend all Tuesday afternoon and evening with my UIL speaking students and coaches. I left school on Wednesday and Thursday at 5:00 and I left on Friday at 4:30, so in all I still consider it a successful week.

This week the man sent me photos every once in a while of Baby and Cera. He has the best captions for each photo he sent me. These are a few of the better quality photos.

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12 thoughts on “Sunday Post ~ #winning

  1. My friend’s puppy is now about 8mths old and still pooping everywhere. She thought she would be able to train her more easily but is struggling!

    So I gather the fact the principal is moving on is a good thing and will make work more tolerable?

    • No! Oh, no! I hope that is not the case…but now I’m scared. I can’t deal with that for several months. Cera better get herself together. Yes, the P moving on I feel is a good thing for me and my department. I have not had an observation from her that did not have something catty in it. One year we had to write comments about why the P’s ratings to the state were so low in various categories…on my sticky I put “I have never received a compliment from my supervisor, only criticism.” And that’s still pretty much true. She has said only a couple nice things about my abilities in the couple of years since then. I think last week in my SP I commented about how I am tired of hearing that I am a failure at work…that’s what it is like for my department. “Scores just aren’t where they need to be.” I take that to mean I am not doing my job…it is hard to fix and progress students who do not read, are on 2nd grade reading levels taking a test at 6th grade reading level, and have no basic understanding of how to write. None of that is ever accounted for. They met 42% on last year’s test? They better make 85% this year! Yes, I’m ready for a change.

  2. Owww I so want a puppy too!! I don’t have time for it, and I don’t think my cat will like it.. But still.. I want one! 😀
    I hope your news works out good for you! 😉
    Have a great week and happy reading!

  3. Cera is such a cutie! Hopefully the pooping will get under control soon – I’m sure Baby is hoping it will! Yay for the catty principal leaving! Hopefully the retirement will make her less cranky when it comes to review time. Sounds like your kids did great and I’m sure it’s such a relief to have that stress over with. Have a great week!

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