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I was out two days this week (on school business), and it was nice to be away. I was also surprised that someone defended my partner and I to an important individual on our campus who said some rather demeaning things about us doing our jobs. Surprised that someone would stand up to this person, and also surprised in who that person was. I am thankful for that because as teachers we are always made to feel like we are failures, that we are not doing enough. I am literally killing myself trying to be good at my job, and that’s still not good enough. And I am a good teacher.

Last weekend we went to the local shelter at the man’s. We looked at one dog in particular, and she was insane when they took her out. She looked like a flying fish, jumping up and spinning at the same time, hitting me in the hips. In her file it was noted she had been adopted and was aggressive, so we rested on that. They got a slew of new dogs, so we went and looked again. The man had picked out one he sent me on Friday morning, and by the time we got there Saturday afternoon she was already gone. There were two other little dogs we like a lot. We didn’t want a puppy, but they were both six months. One already had an application in, so we asked to see the other. This shelter requires meeting all people and all pets in meet and greets before adopting out animals. We live only five minutes away, so we went home and came back with Baby. Things went well and we went home with a sister! Operation Sister was a success.

Baby’s new sister’s name is Cera. It was the name she came with, and after digging into her folder, the man has decided to keep the weird spelling. 🙂 We are thinking she is a Rottweiler – Dachshund mix, but aren’t positive. We did DNA tests for both of them and sent them off Saturday.


Friends ForNever |  The Billionaire Boys Club: The Producer



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29875915I need to finish up Cruel Beauty and also Somebody Like You. I had wanted to start a new book yesterday, but that didn’t happen.



This is a feature I am adding to my Sunday Posts. After being asked by a coworker – in all seriousness – if I had a life, I decided to join disc jockey Bobby Bones of Kase 101 in doing one human thing each week.

How does it work?

In order to not lose what little sanity I have left and in order to not become enslaved to the Texas Education Agency via my school district, I will…

  • leave school within an hour of dismissal once a week
  • go do one human thing with another human
  • talk about my human thing on the blog each week

I went and spent several hours with my good friend – who I refer to as Pineapple in my do betters. I had a gift for her and I haven’t seen her in a while. We talked and just had a great time. Looked at rescue dogs. It was good for me, and for her.

11 thoughts on “Sunday Post ~ Operation Sister

  1. It’s always nice when someone stands up for you, but it’s even better when it’s someone you wouldn’t think would.

    Congrats on your adoption! After we lost Taco in November we’ve been discussing getting another dog, but with the grandkids living here now I think we’ll just wait until they and their parents find their own place. It’s not like we don’t already have 2 dogs and 3 cats. 🙂

    • I was surprised, and had to scale back some dragon breath for their mess-up the week before that landed 60ish kids in my classroom for every period. Getting another dog with a full house already would make for an interesting comedy movie. I would wait until they find a new home, too.

  2. How nice that someone defended you both in your absence and that it was someone who you wouldn’t have expected to. You just never know:) Such a sweetie. Looks like 2 and 4 legged family are all happy!

    My Sunday Post

  3. Yay to new doggie. I hope that you all enjoy your new rescue. All of my dogs (prior to Buster, my yorkie) have been rescues and they make the best dogs in my opinion. My pure breed yorkshire terier is a little idiot, most pure breeds are inbred. I am thinking that’s what happened to Buster. Lol!
    Nice to hear about someone defending you. I always think teachers are judging me and my children, so it’s interesting to hear that you “always feel like” you failed. You are probably a wonderful teacher.
    Have a great week!

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