The Book Blogger Test

Natasha @ Dreamland Teenage Fantasy tagged everyone in this fun test, so I’m joining in!


What are your top 3 book pet peeves?
#1 – Poorly edited books. 
I *will* give you a poor review. Some people are nice and will review without mentioning, but not me. I cannot take an “author” seriously if they do not polish their work properly. It may be expensive to hire a copy editor, but there are tons of people you could ask to proof your book. There is no reason for poorly edited books to be published in this day and age with the resources we have available at our fingertips. Shame!
#2 – Stickers on the book covers.
I hate these, period. Don’t put it ON. THE. COVER. Do we even need this? I mean, seriously? What purpose do they serve? Is there really one anymore? Stickers only ruin the covers. Always. Please, no more.
#3 – Hearing people say they don’t like/hate to read.
Do you KNOW how much research there is  that shows the numerous benefits of reading!?! You can increase your brain matter in the language domain, for God’s sake!


Taking a step back from all that goodness, I firmly believe that when someone says this it is an immediate indicator that their parent(s) failed them. I am a teacher, and the more and more I teach, the lower and lower reading levels kids come to me with. The average incoming sixth grader is now on a 2-4 grade reading level. Each year it is lower and lower. The average reading level in the US is now 5th grade.


There was not a promotion of language and literacy in the home – and it costs NOTHING to do this. NOTHING. It does not cost a dime to have conversations with your children to teach them language skills and how to speak correctly. It costs nothing to read and show them anything that comes in the mail. Don’t worry about them having the newest iPhone and kicks, worry about nurturing the soul.


Describe your perfect reading spot.
No. Let me show you.


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Three Book Confessions
#1 – I am a huge romance fan
I stole my mother’s romance novels and started reading them at age 12. I would hide them under my bunk bed mattress and pretend to be asleep when she’d come home after midnight. Growing up I craved love, and I found it in those books. They were many loves, different loves, all the loves I imagined for myself down the road.


#2 – I am so jealous of bookstagrammers
I am. I admit it. Like, how do you have the TIME? And that beautiful decor? I wish I had the time to even consider joining in.


#3 – I kind of hate novellas
They just always seem to fall flat. Like, just write the whole book, alright? Don’t be lazy.


When was the last time you cried reading a book?
While I was learning more and more about one-time CMA songwriter Darryl Champlain’s past – and the reasons for his bluesy Christmas hit – in Oklahoma Christmas Blues. It was so heartbreaking and desirous for a man that I teared up a few times. This is something a grown man – a war veteran, a Secret Service agent – has never been able to lay to rest and haunted him.


How many books are on your bedside table?
I do not have a bedside table with books. I have too much other crap I need at my bedside, and there is a priority item at the bedside at the man’s. I always have my Kindle nearby, though.


What is your favorite snack to eat while reading?

I really don’t eat while I’m reading. If I get hungry, I’ll go get it and eat it, and then return to reading. I have a bad habit of leaving food ignored to get cold and clammy, so I try to make a conscious effort to take a moment and eat and then come back. But if I do choose to indulge mindlessly while flipping pages, it’s typically pretzels.

Name three books you would recommend for others to read.


Write how much books mean to you in three words.
Whole new world.


What is your biggest reading secret? 
I silently believe bigger book bloggers judge me…and that I’m a fake.  I don’t have a niche in the blogging world. I’m all over the place – I read everything from children’s to contemporary. I’m not an established blog with a wide following. Many blogs I adore have a very rote niche in the blogging community and are known as *the* go-to for their genre. There are others who are just so incredibly well and diversely read. I am a fairly intelligent person, but I find myself not knowing what to say to these people in blogging conversation. I feel like I pale in comparison and that I’m a fake. I know it’s illogical and probably (hopefully) not true…but there it is.

10 thoughts on “The Book Blogger Test

  1. When I spot a couple of typos or mistakes, I don’t mind that much but when my attention is taken away by all the mistakes in a book, I usually get very angry and DNF the book. I understand it happens, but not every two pages.
    I understand your feelings about being fake. I know many bloggers who either have a niche or read so fast and so many diverse books there are always interesting things to see on their blogs, and I’m like “what do I have to offer?”. Sometimes I really want to strike up a conversation but I feel not good / experienced / aware on a subject to actually do it. But it’s just us putting pressure on ourselves 🙂

  2. Love your honesty and the way you’re keeping it ‘real’. Also like that you read all kinds of genres – it makes you once again, more real. Because who reads just one genre anyway? even if they claim to 😉

  3. I really enjoyed reading this post, I always love finding out more about other bloggers. I can understand your worries about where your blog fits because you don’t read and blog about just one genre but I love blogs like yours because I often end up hearing more about books that I might otherwise have ignored or not heard about. Keep doing what you’re doing, your blog is fab! 🙂

  4. I love your favorite reading spot pics!! Those would be my favorites, too. And I agree about the stickers on book covers. Why?!?!? Why must they do that?

    I wouldn’t worry about other bloggers. I love your blog and that you read a wide variety of genres. My blog is the same way.

    I need to read Looking For Alaska and Code Name Verity. I LOVED Sorcerer’s Stone, but I’m a huge HP fan/geek.

  5. Definitely NOT true, I don’t think you are fake, and I think it is awesome that you read so many different things! Also, can we please go move to ALL those places you have for reading nooks? Especially the one with the canopy, I need that now, please and thank you. Also, WHYYY with the stickers!??! I mean, I am not going to retain anything but HATE for whatever is said on the sticker so just… no. As for the editing, I agree. I mean, a typo or two I can live with- we’re human, it happens. But like, TONS of typos, terrible formatting, errors galore? Yeah, hard pass. Because there is NO WAY that I am reading it and seeing all the problems, and you wrote it and read it TONS of times and likely had others read it and NO ONE caught ANY of the mistakes?! Just… how?

  6. Love this! Totally with you on novellas. And I don’t think you’re a fake either (but I understand the feeling.) Thanks for sharing this at Booknificent Thursday on this week! Always a pleasure to have you!

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