2017 Chapter Break Bingo


This is a feature hosted by the gals at Chapter Break.

Since this is a monthly book BINGO, I have created this as a page of record to house all of my BINGOs for the year.

The Rules: 

  • Each month a new BINGO card will be uploaded on the 2nd.
  • Download the BINGO card and mark off the squares as you read books each month.
  • Include the books you’ve read for each square.
  • You may use the same book to fill multiple squares.
  • At the end of the month, post your BINGO card and link up.
  • Each month the link ups will go up on the 30th.

The monthly winner will be the person with the most marked squares. (No up, down, diagonal stuff.)

There will also be a quarterly raffle!

January 2017 –  17/25 squares completed 

February 2017 – 17/25 squares completed

March 2017 – 15/25 squares completed

April 2017 – 16/25 squares completed

May 2017 – 14/25 squares completed

June 2017 – 5/25 squares completed

July 2017 – 16/25 squares completed

August 2017  – 18/25 squares completed

September 2017 – 0/25 squares completed

October 2017 – 14/25 squares completed

November 2017 – 14/25 squares completed

December 2017 – 21/25 squares completed