Tuesday Teaser & Intro: Oklahoma Christmas Blues


I started reading this new Christmas read I discovered while toodling around on my Kindle. While it wasn’t one I had planned on reading for this Christmas, the cover drew my eye, which of course led to reading!


Synopsis ~ Oklahoma Christmas Blues by Maggie Shayne

Darryl is on a quest for peace. His chance at fatherhood was taken from him long ago, and an IED in Iraq ensured he’d never get another.  He doesn’t expect to fall head over heels.

In Big Falls, the McIntyre brothers hire him to keep an eye on their beautiful cousin Sophie in case her criminal ex shows up. Her life was blown apart by a drug-dealing ex who cost her her job and nearly her medical license. She comes to Big Falls because she has nowhere else to go. And the minute she gets there, things start to get better

Is it because of that letter to Santa her Aunt Vidalia convinced her to write?

Within days she meets a beautiful man with a deeply wounded soul. And oddly, she finds herself giving him the same advice the town Santa gave to her—try believing again, and if it’s too much to believe, then just try hoping.

Love, magic, and miracles ensue. Because this is Big Falls, Oklahoma. Miracles are an everyday occurrence around here. Especially at Christmastime.


Chapter 1

The Long Branch Saloon didn’t open for another hour, but how could anyone resist Santa Claus peering through the window, tapping on the glass?

Sophia wiped her hands on a bar towel and went to let him in, and he beamed a smile at her. His dimples were very real, and so, she thought, was his snowy white beard. “Chilly out here today,” he said. “I brought my lunch, but I’m craving a hot cocoa to go with it.”


“The players were easy to spot, because they busted out their biggest, shiniest belt buckles and ten-gallon hats and wore western shirts with way too much embroidery on the shoulders. Their jeans were too new and their boots too shiny.” (p. 36)

Would you keep reading? 


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12 thoughts on “Tuesday Teaser & Intro: Oklahoma Christmas Blues

  1. I do love the sound of this one. Her name sounds so familiar, but after checking, I realize I haven’t yet read any of her books. Must add this one to the list! Thanks for sharing…and for visiting my blog.

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