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September News

Umm…where did it go? It’s already halfway through October and I didn’t even realize September was over. It’s kind of like that joke about 7 and how 8 (ate) 9. Something ate September. I don’t even know what happened.

I do know what didn’t happen, though, and that is my reading. The insane school year and work load is kicking my butt and the blog and my reading are suffering for it. Which stinks major.

September Reads

Y’all, I’ve been trying to get with the program. I really have. I’ve made progress in my other two books (ebook and audiobook) and I WILL finish them this week so I can get on to something new. It’s like a nasty divorce – I just can’t get on with it and move on, and it’s all because of my massive workload and time constraints this year.


Average Rating: 3
Pages Read: 330 – 500 – it’s a mystery
Favorite Book: N/A

This one’s not too hard to figure out, now was it?

Noteworthy Posts

I loved this post I wrote about my living situation. I think the headline alone drew attention. It’s the middle school “Oooooooo!” effect in action, but I had a lot of response and support with What In The Actual…. I should do an update, which I considered a while back but I was on the fence about posting it.

The second most-popular post was a Top Ten Tuesday post on the topic of my All-Time Favorite Middle Grades Books. I now think I need to go and revise that list. There are several I have thought of since that should have been on that list. What should I add to my list?

While thinking about a new feature I started this year, in the last two months or so I have contemplated the fact that not a lot of the participants are commenting back on my posts for that feature. It kind of makes me feel shitty that I’m being ignored. It’s not nice, you guys! I’d love if you went and checked out some books on my TBR Mountain that I covered for First Chapter First Paragraph: Between Heaven and Earth // Almost Midnight // Sign of the Green Dragon.

And go find out what I Can’t Stand!


Visitors & Search Terms

While I feel I was absent for a lot of September, there was actually a 300+ increase in page views. September swung in with the austentatious number of 1867 and 214 comments! Both improvements over August’s numbers. 🙂

I also discovered that there is now a steady viewership in Australia, Kenya and many European countries like Germany, France and Netherlands. Thanks, international peeps!

Search Terms

Again, more Harry Potter-related terms. I have read and reviewed all of the books so I understand the traffic draw.

harry potter 4 harry – Your alliteration isn’t working. Also, pretty sure your English teacher doesn’t like that repetition, either. It’s not for literary effect.

text to text connections with harry potter and the sorcerer’s stone – Way to fake your high school essay using middle school terms. Do your own work, fool! 

the paragraph “new tuesday… – You’re drunk, go home.   It’s actually First Chapter First Paragraph Tuesday Intros.

mad eye moody patch – harry potter – It is not here! What do I look like – a museum? While I would love to have a Harry Potter museum, I’m not the right medium for having things – real things. This is a virtual communication system. Are you from an alternate reality? Another planet? Hmmm…

winky bagman harry potter – What? What!? I don’t even know. Kids these days.

“aphrodite effect” – Because I’m a credible source on that topic. Right up there with Wikipedia. 

Challenge Updates

So I sucked at September BINGO hardcore. All of my entries besides the free space were from the one book I read for its tour. I am going to try to do better with October BINGO and my Fall BINGO. I contemplated joining the HOHOHO readathon and another readathon for more of the holiday reads, but I just couldn’t commit because I don’t want to fail so miserably like I did with COYER this year.

October/November Reads

How about we don’t TACO ’bout it? It’s just better for all concerned, except that I do have a plan! And I am now choosing to be a mood reader for the rest of the year, so it’s a big surprise for everyone! Even me!

12 thoughts on “September Chit Chat

    • I don’t think I ever really found September, either. I think there was a time warp or something. Or, according to one of my students, perhaps Steven Spielberg changed time. That’s his conspiracy theory. Yay for France and Donna! Perhaps I should go to the store and buy a baguette today…I do need milk. 😀

  1. Kenya! woop woop! I am glad to see that my footprints are somewhere(ye, I am one of the Kenyan visitors lol) there since I am always visiting the blog. I hope that your schedule in October eases up a bit. Have a great month.

  2. Awww..sorry to hear about your reading going down in September. I also had a horrible reading month in September due to my job getting in the way, but hopefully, things will turn out better in October! I hope you read some great books in October!

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