Top Ten Tuesday: All About Audio

Top Ten Tuesday

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All About Audio

I started listening to audiobooks about a year and a half ago. I was convinced they weren’t my thing, but I have gotten all my audiobooks from SYNC’s annual summer program. I’ve done this for the last three years. Mostly I’ve downloaded all of the books, but there were a few here and there I purposefully didn’t pick and weeks I just forgot. I want to preface this list with the fact that I haven’t listened to more than 10 audiobooks, but it’s a skill I’m working on.

Best Audiobooks…


Least Enjoyable Audiobook…


Audio Wishlist 


Who are your favorite narrators? What are some of your favorite audiobooks? 

11 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: All About Audio

  1. The Harry Potter books are fabulous!! Jim Dale does the narration for all 7 books. He is incredible and won 2 Grammys for his performance!

  2. I am yet to venture into the world of audiobooks. I would love to listen to The Help though especially if they do the dialects like the book so that it sounds original.

  3. I just started my first audio book a few days ago and so far so good. I was hesitant to start listening to them in the beginning, but the narrator is really good and easy for me to listen too. I haven’t listened to any that you mentioned above, but I have read Beautiful Creatures and enjoyed the book!

  4. My kids listen to a lot of audiobooks, but they aren’t really my thing. I do enjoy Valerie Comer’s books on audio which she sends to me for review purposes, but other than that…

    Thanks for linking up this week at Booknificent Thursday on! Great to have you!

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