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So things started looking up when the client looking at my house said he knew me…and Baby (this via my landlord). It was my friend’s ex-husband! While that would be a little too close to home, it would work out well for me. Unfortunately, he is not going to buy the property. 😦

However, the realtor is not contacting me about showings. We had that conversation two weeks ago about how I work late evening hours and she must call me 48 hours in advance to arrange a showing. Instead what she is doing is sneaking over in the late afternoons and taping a “notice” on my back door. Now she is moving the 4:00 appointments to 10 and 11 in the morning. She’s in for a rude awakening tomorrow. She is breaking the law and she knows it and thinks she can just do it. Try explaining that to a police officer.

It seems like the school days are flying by! It’s hard to believe it’s been another week already. I got our campus UIL sign ups up this week and I had another coach back out the final day coaches must be in place. She was pulling an excuse out of nowhere, so now I have 14 unfilled coaching spots. Coaches that have coached for years all of a sudden refused to coach this year. It annoyed me a bit, but I’ll do with what I have. On Thursday my counterpart at our sister MS and I went to the official meeting with all of our competitors. They never once introduced themselves or even asked who I was. They had no fucking clue who I was or what school I was from! Halfway through the meeting, the only male at the table asked my counterpart where our former coordinator was, if she was still with the district. And my friend looked down the table at me and I simply said, “I am the new Shelly” and STILL no introductions! It was bizarre.

My yearbook kids are taking off and doing well with photographing their events. Our only problem is we still have no technology, so our memory cards are filling up! I also was assigned a new role on my campus that I just found out about on Friday. So…even more work!

I have a wireless mouse at home and at school. I cannot do the laptop mouse pads. It slows me down significantly. Both have been on the fritz and my one at home officially died today. (Yes, replaced batteries.) So I go out to the store, find two at a price point I’m OK with and that aren’t plain Janes, and I come back home to get cracking on my laptop…and the old one that “died” is magically working again! Ayyy carumba!


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I read a few more pages of Regarding Anna this week, but not nearly enough. I was at school or on my way home until 8 or later every evening.

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8 thoughts on “Sunday Post ~ Amp It Up

  1. Ha I love that Gene Wilder GIF! Don’t you just want to say that to people sometimes (I do lol). And yeah I hate it when something “breaks’ and then once you replace it it magically works again. So aggravating.

    Crazy about the realtor. As if that process isn’t irritating enough. Anyway hope you have a great week and good reading too. 🙂

  2. OMG! I would freak out if someone tried to show my house without proper notice, and I am not a nice person when it comes to thing like that. Good luck with that. Also, I hope the school coach ting gets sorted out. So much falls on your shoulders. I hope you next week is wonderful!

  3. Glad you aren’t tolerating the agent’s shanganins. Ha..on the mouse, isn’t that always the way. Surprised at the coaching. Don’t they get a bump in salary when they coach? Good luck. Hopefully this week brings good news on all points.

    • No, teachers (at least in Texas) have a contract and our pay is tiered based on years of service. In all the districts in our UIL district teachers get paid a stipend to coach. For the most part it is very minimal. One coordinator told me they would get paid $300 but had to coach all three grade levels.

  4. Um yeah! I don’t even like friends and family to come over to my house without 48 hours notice much less strangers. Good luck getting that straightened out. I didn’t get any new books this week either. Hope you have a great week!

    Sandy @ Somewhere Only We Know

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