Feature Follow Friday ~ September 16, 2016

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Up until about a year and a half ago, I didn’t listen to audiobooks. I know the older versions were available at my public library (read alongs with the book), but I was such a strong reader that I didn’t need audio. Plus, I was faster than the narrator anyway.

I started listening to audiobooks after discovering SYNC’s summer program. They give away two free audiobooks each week during summer. This summer was my third summer. I have found some titles I don’t think I would ever have picked up to read on my own. This past summer, though, I felt quite disinterested in many of the titles. I still have them to give them a try, but I do want to work on the first two years’ books first.

When I started listening to audiobooks I realized I was missing a skill: the ability to listen. I couldn’t multi-task while listening. I mean, I could, but then I would tune out the audiobook. I think part of it is a product of having three loud brothers growing up, but I also know I do tune out when I get invested in my blog or in a writing project. Apparently I pissed off my (former) almost mother-in-law one day because I was “ignoring” her.  Honestly, it’s like I’m in an entirely different world where only I and my computer exist. I can go for the entire day without eating, drinking, bathroom breaks or even moving.

This is an area I have to work harder at becoming better. I have to force myself to consciously not tune out because I lose big gaps in the story, and then something will happen or a character will say something, and I pick up on it and think, “Wait. What? When did that happen?” or “This doesn’t make any sense.”

One thing I have noticed with narrators is that I struggle with British narrators. There seems to be a dry tone to their voices and little prosody in the sense of inflection and expression.

My Favorite Audiobooks 

Do you listen to audiobooks? Who are your favorite narrators? 

4 thoughts on “Feature Follow Friday ~ September 16, 2016

  1. I started listening to audiobooks when I was commuting between grad school and home, and then again when I lived about 40 minutes away from my job. My favorite narrators are Kristine Hvam (Daughter of Smoke and Bone) and Rebecca Soler (Cinder). Now that I’m not commuting anymore (and my husband likes to listen to podcasts), I miss listening to audiobooks.

  2. I seriously cannot do audiobooks- mostly because I am just like you, I cannot do multiple things, and I just end up tuning the audiobook out. Even if I am doing NOTHING else- I still end up tuning out the audiobook and just randomly staring at the wall or something 😂 It… isn’t great. Also, sounds like maybe it is a good thing that woman is not your mother-in-law. She sounds like a real gem 😕

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