Thoughts on Thursday: Reading Rituals

Reading Rituals

What are your reading rituals? Do you have a reading nook? What snacks or drinks must you have handy? Share pictures and recipes!

I am most comfortable reading in bed. Honestly, I do everything in my bedroom. It is my nook, my happy place. I only spend time in my living room if I have guests over, and even then most of the time we stay in my bedroom, too. (Typically it is my mother and brother and friend down the street.)

Yes, I eat in bed. I blog in bed. I watch TV in bed. I keep my TV on at night. I curl up with all my pillows just right, lay back, and read until my eyes hurt or I have to get ready and go somewhere. I usually have the TV on for background noise, something on Netflix I’ve seen before.

Just like when I write, when I read I get in a trance. I can ignore most of the bodily functions for quite a while. I’ll wait until I have to race to the bathroom because I am so engrossed. I typically ignore the fact that I’m hungry. Sometimes it goes away, and sometimes I slink off to the kitchen to find whatever requires the least amount of time.

What are your reading rituals?

10 thoughts on “Thoughts on Thursday: Reading Rituals

  1. I tend to do most of my reading in bed too but I’d love to have some kind of nook dedicated for reading. I take a bath most nights and read a print book then and then an audio book when I’m doing housework or driving. Right now I guess my ritual is just cramming reading in where ever I can but I’d like that to settle down a bit and be able to really revel in my reading time.

  2. I have a Sheldon spot on my couch. I blog there, I read there, I watch TV there. It’s like your bedroom, but probably worse when it comes to being lazy ;).

  3. I am the same way as you, my room is my “safe place”. I always read in bed too! Every night, when I am done blogging, I eat hummus and watch TV (generally The 100, let’s be real) and then read until way, way too late 😂 And I always read my Kindle first, then my physical book. I have no idea why hahah.

  4. I read in bed often before I go to sleep. Sometimes if I’m feeling adventurous or wanting to spend time with my husband I read on the couch.

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