Sunday Post ~ Back to Work

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One morning leaving the bus barn for the workshop

I said last week I’d get you guys pictures of our two-day vacation…but it was so freaking hot and I was lugging around my heavy purse that we never stopped to take any. In fact, we cut our day in Houston short because the zoo wore me out and we didn’t have enough time to go to the Natural Museum of Science and enjoy it. We went down to Corpus Christi to the Texas State Aquarium and then walked over to the U.S.S. Lexington to traverse its depths. I was a little disappointed at the aquarium, which is under construction for an expansion. I have been there before, and many of the indoor exhibits were either empty or improperly labeled. I did, however, stand forever staring at the sea turtles outside and we caught the dolphin show in the blazing heat. My grandfather served in the Navy in the early 1950s and he would tell us stories about being on the ship, so I had an idea of what to expect. The further we went along in the Lexington tour, the more reverent the tone became. The Lexington was the second to carry the name after the original sank in the Coral Sea. The Lexington #2 was sent to Pearl Harbor and suffered damages several times in the Pacific Theater. The museum covers both the original and the Lexington that stands today.

13882146_10153866361067643_8235142234075556889_nMonday and Tuesday I took my yearbook kiddos to our summer workshop and we got a lot accomplished. They were so excited to meet with an actual designer for our cover. Wednesday I took Baby to the vet. It is very old school, paper records, pay cash or check. When they asked my name to pull Baby’s file, they asked my city, which is still listed as my hometown. They brought it over and I was looking at it upside down. They had brought my dad’s file! Same name, same city, different dogs. The people in line behind me thought it was hilarious.

We started setting up my classroom. Thursday was the first official day back. We have so many new people. I was pleasantly surprised to discover that certain policies that gave the students too many chances are no longer continuing. I also realized no one is ever going to know who I am since my principal married and has my last name, and now there is a new guy in our hallway with my first name.

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Unforutnately with everything going on this week and returning to school, I haven’t touched my reading. Halfway to the man’s house Friday night I realized my Kindle was at home, so I didn’t get to catch up this weekend either. I am going to be very behind!

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