July Chit Chat

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July News

July brought the realities of returning to school back. Seven work days I spent in trainings and doing curriculum writing, and many days working on school work (yearbook contracts, setting up Google Classroom, writing a better syllabus, etc.). Summer is officially over. I am stressing about my yearbook sections, as I wasn’t given a second classroom for them and we do not have any technology. Not sure how a yearbook publication will be worked on without computers. Last year I kept breaking my lanyards, and it was The Year of the Broken Lanyards. This year? I think it’s The Year The Shit Runs Downhill.

For the most part, I laid low in July. Truly, I’ve been bumming all summer as much as I could. It is something completely out of character for me, and the man supported it wholeheartedly.

I also came to a realization about my brothers. Out of those incidents, I have decided I am no longer going to do things for people out of a sense of obligation, especially when I am putting more effort into attending something or doing something for them. I’m just not anymore because I always feel bad after. Reciprocation is important!

July Reads

Average Rating: 4.28
Pages Read: 1,693
Favorite Book: Awkward

Noteworthy Posts

In general, this was a good month. Last week I had a lot of traffic to my WWW Wednesday post, which was a pick-me-up since I’ve fallen into a little slump again.

These are the posts that garnered a lot of attention this month:

  • My review of Caught Bread Handed, the fourth book in the Bakeshop Mysteries series by Ellie Alexander.
  • My Top Ten Tuesday post about Underdogs (books with less than 10 reviews).
  • My recent Thoughts on Thursday post about my Lack of Creativity.

I also had a few posts that I feel were very important for me to share:

  • My review of The SockKids Say No to Bullying. This was a short book that is part of The SockKids series. This was the first I’ve heard of them, but I thought this particular book was very powerful.
  • My Top Ten Tuesday post celebrating Books Set Outside the U.S. While working on this post, I was a little amazed at how many books fit into this category – most that I couldn’t include because there were just too many. Yes, most of those that I do read are set in Europe (primarily England), but I was still proud that I could share so many books that I’ve read.


July Visitors & Search Terms

July brought 1,240 pageviews, which is a decline from last month. I understand since I wasn’t very active in visiting and commenting back in the last two weeks. Overall, it was still a good month. I am noticing more people are commenting, and I truly believe it’s about reciprocating.

Interestingly enough, I had a bunch of unknown search terms and then these four:

  • Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire – Yes, I loved it! I hope you liked my review. 
  • Harry Potter Goblet of Fire – Dude, you were already here. Taking out “and the” didn’t change much.
  • Potion for Correct Prediction/Ingredients – Try this: A robin’s egg, three strands of seaweed, and a hair from your teacher’s mole. Mix together until smooth and drink on on the eve of the full moon on the seventh month following the autumnal equinox.
  • Harry Potter the making Gobblet of Fire – That would be a movie, and this blog is for books. Perhaps you should take a grammar course.

Challenge Updates

I’ve kinda been paying a little better attention to my challenges. Right now my NetGalley is my focus. I know I’ve said that for half a year now, but I am done with review tour books and I’m slating my TBR Jar until I get a substantial number of galleys read.

August Reads

August brings school duties back in full force overdrive. I know my time will be limited so I’m not hanging my hat on reading all of these books, but they are I currently plan to read next.

13 thoughts on “July Chit Chat

  1. My page views have also flatlined. I’ve been focusing on my YouTube channel and neglecting my blog and my fellow bloggers. But I’m back!!! Working on some posts and some updates and getting back into this blogging community. Hope August is a better month for your blog too. Let’s support each other

  2. I hope the year turns out to be better than you anticipate! It sounds like you are already facing a lot of challenge. I am sorry things aren’t going well between you and one of your brothers. It’s so hard to find the energy and motivation to do things for someone else when they don’t reciprocate. Especially when it’s not something you particularly want to do in the first place.

    I need to review my Challenge status. I’m sure I’m way behind. I always am. Ho hum.

    I hope you enjoy your reading this month. I wish I could have made July last a little longer. Alas, August wasn’t going to wait around for anyone.

  3. What a great month for you — I’m sorry about the craziness of August so far with school and yearbooks. Good luck!

  4. I did some serious work on NetGalley in the last week and I’m down to 30 books! I’m kind of proud of myself even though that’s still a lot! Good luck! Thank you for sharing this at Booknificent Thursday on Mommynificent.com this week.

  5. Good luck with the new school year and the yearbook! I hope you’ll be provided the technology you needed, ’cause that would be terrible otherwise.

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