Sunday Post ~ You Get a Training, and You Get a Training!

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I cannot believe I survived this past week. Monday morning the man follows me out to my car to kiss me and see me off, and it wouldn’t start. Remember, he lives an hour and a half away from me and my workplace. He called AAA for a wrecker, and I had it taken to the closest dealership thinking that would be easiest. In some ways it was, because everything was still under warranty, so all I was out was about $70 for a rental and gas. I waited over an hour for my rental and saw some very interesting “business practices” while I waited. I’m pretty sure it’s policy that if you get a rental, it should be kept in better condition and nicer than your own vehicle. Just sayin’. Because of that I missed the entire first half of my training on Monday. I arrived in my district around lunchtime.

I was not very interested or pleased with our Mental Health First Aid training on Tuesday. I read the entire book they gave us before lunch. I have my own thoughts on my takeaway, and if we do what I believe the unsaid expectation is, there will be lawsuits left and right.

Wednesday and Thursdays trainings were fabulous. I also discovered the best place to work in the district is the technology department. They have an entire lab with brand new computers with extra-large monitors. And it’s so quiet. I want to go there to work on staff development days.

Baby has been moody this week because the man has been gone everyday. This went into effect the day following the Dallas police shootings. All Baby knows is he leaves every night and when he is home he’s sleeping. She doesn’t like it. Friday night he leaned over the couch and was whispering to her as he got ready. She was in a snit because he was leaving, so she sat up, gave him and “eat shit and die” look, and ran off to the beanbag. And then proceeded to give him the eyes. She is so sensitive.

What would you like to see in place of the “Around Town in the Spotlight” section? I want to add something else to my Sunday Posts, but I’m not sure what. Leave me a comment about something fun or interesting you’d like to see!


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I did select a few new free ebooks from Amazon. I had a specific criteria when reading the summaries. I ended up passing on most that I clicked on to view, so that’s a good thing! I also picked up a few earlier this week, too.

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16 thoughts on “Sunday Post ~ You Get a Training, and You Get a Training!

    • Oh, no! I’m so sorry Stacy! Perhaps it’s time for a trade-in? I finally had to give up on my first car. I put more money into it than I paid for it, and things kept cropping up. I didn’t want to be stranded somewhere. Thanks for stopping by!

  1. How frustrating about the car! And dealerships for the most part are such a nightmare. Glad you were able to get a rental and didn’t miss all of your Monday. Sounds like Tuesday was also not great. I’ve seen a few policies or thought processes that just didn’t sound like they would work in the actual world. Enjoy your new books and have a great week!

    • I like my little small-town dealership (the original location of the sister I bought my car from). They are pretty good, but in general I’ve found that most dealerships are indeed a nightmare. Sometimes (like with education funding) I wonder if monkeys are making decisions.

  2. Yay for new books. The car dealership sounds like a nightmare. Sometimes I think they don’t care about you, but want your money rather than providing you good service. Have a lovely weekend.

    Grace @ Books of Love

    • Yes, that is also how I feel. It seems this dealership has had a lot of that – because the GM called me to talk about my specific issues. He was not happy that things they just met about were still happening!

  3. Sorry to hear about the car, that sounds like a typical Monday lol. I hate it when a week starts off like that. And business practices- yeah. I’ve seen a few things in my time too— the customer is always right? Suuuure they are lol.

    Have a great week!

    • It was a typical Monday! My frustration level was a simmer all day, and that stinks for everyone you come in contact with. It’s interesting that some businesses can continue to operate with such practices. Thanks for stopping in, Greg!

  4. Oh I so sorry to hear you have car trouble. I would call and complain if they tried to hand me a car worse off than my car, of course as my Miguel would say ‘I like to complain.’ I am used to being treated a certain way being from Florida the customer service capital of the US. The customer should always come first, especially when they are right. Sorry for running off on that rabbit trail.
    I think an around town would be fun in your Sunday posts. Do whatever makes you happy! Have a great week!

  5. I am sorry for your car troubles, Charlie. I would have thought a rental would have been better kept up too. Sounds like your training was a mixed bag. I am glad some of the training was worthwhile, at least. That’s often how it turns out, doesn’t it?

    I hope your week this past week was better and that you are enjoying your weekend! I’m sorry for being so late to comment. I’m playing catch up as I watch the Olympics. 🙂

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