Thoughts on Thursday: Mid-Year Check-In

Mid-Year Check-In

I have fallen behind in a lot of things on the blog, particularly discussion posts. One month late isn’t too terrible, is it?

Currently I stand at 15 books for the Shelf Love Challenge. Up until now, I have been doing a lot of review tours with books that came out this year. I slowly weaned myself off of review tours like I had been doing. I did sign up for a few in August-October for series I want to finish reading, but I am being much more selective in tours. And I am grateful one of the tour companies I was very stingy with opted to shut down their operations. The reviewers were doing most of the legwork, so it was really frustrating and why I only signed up with them once in a blue moon.

Now I can read almost anything! Which means I really need to read my NetGalley backlog… :/


How have your challenges been going? 

8 thoughts on “Thoughts on Thursday: Mid-Year Check-In

  1. I’m behind on most of my challenges – except reading. Reading is the only thing I feel like I’m winning at 😀 I have been keeping a good mix of fiction and NF although most of my reading challenges are fiction which means my numbers there aren’t so great but I’m ahead on my Goodreads – 56 books already this year or something.
    Are you on YouTube? I started a BookTube channel where I talk about my reading life there. You can search for me by Karen Runwright

  2. I didn’t sign up for any challenges this year because I’ve been so awful at keeping up with them. I have been trying to cut back on blog tours too because my backlog was just getting worse and worse. Good luck getting your books read! You’ve got some great ones listed. I love Anne of Green Gables and Code Name Verity has been tempting me for awhile.

  3. Found you at the Booknificent Linkup! Sounds like you really are a voracious reader! Sometimes it is just fun to go with whatever book we had picked rather than having “assigned reading.” I ended up having to wait for one of my kids for a very long time today. I had thrown a fun Christmas book in my bag that I had no real intention of reading, but I was so glad I had it and it turned out to be great!. We would love for you to share your book posts with us at the Literacy Musing Mondays Linkup

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