Famous Last Words #11

Famous Last Words

Famous Last Words is a new monthly feature here in Land of 1000 Wonders. I wanted to find a new way to share some fabulous quotations from reads old and new. The inspiration for this feature came from the character Pudge in John Green’s Looking for Alaska.


Save The Date

Anne Shirley is a freckle-faced, red-headed ball bursting with joy and enthusiasm – and words. She is an endearing and titillating soul, but she is not what Marilla and Matthew Cuthbert expected. Especially when they told the orphanage they needed a sturdy boy to help on the farm.

When Anne arrives to Green Gables, she knows right off she wants to stay there forever, but the Cuthberts need some convincing. She must tamp down her temper and turn up her charm…that end up sending her head-first into scrapes and cases of the blurts.

Despite her shortcomings, everyone in Green Gables falls in love with her. She shows she is a special girl with an overflowing imagination. She dreams of the day when she can call herself Anne of Green Gables.


4 thoughts on “Famous Last Words #11

  1. I have heard of this book and the other other one that you mentioned, Looking for Alaska. I will look for them now. Great choice for the quote~!

  2. Love! Love! Love! And I actually didn’t remember this specific quote despite the embarrassing number of times I’ve read this book! Pinning because I love it so much! Thanks for sharing this at Booknificent Thursday on Mommynificent.com this week!

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