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I hope you all had a great 4th of July celebration! Mine was very low-key since the man was working.

I spent Tuesday and Wednesday writing the new curriculum for my subject. We were told we were hand-selected because of the head of this project being in our classrooms and knowing we were strong teachers in our subject. She had only been in my class one time my first year as a baby teacher. I must have had an impact! I also discovered I was lied to and I will not be attending the 4-day summer training I was looking forward to.

Since I’ve been getting on the man’s sleep schedule and I’d been up all night Monday, I slept Thursday away. Late in the evening we went to Costco and ordered my new glasses. I found out that now my vision insurance is only paying for frames every other year, so it’s a good thing I bought those prescription sunglasses last year when they told me my insurance paid for a second pair of glasses at 1/2 price! I walked out paying $195, which is still better than anywhere else I’d have been. I had saved $400 for them, so it worked out alright.

My middle brother flew in basically at midnight Wednesday morning on his two weeks leave and I haven’t seen him yet, but I will get with him this week since I have nothing I have to do.

Otherwise I have been pretty drab and lazy, and Baby has been very moody and cuddly in turns. It broke my heart and made me want to cuddle her more when a good friend’s dog was scared by fireworks and ran away on Fourth of July. He was over 400 miles away in Louisiana and his roommate was responsible for the dog. I made fliers and posted them to every local Facebook group I could find. Friday afternoon he sent me a private message that someone had found his dog in their yard. He had passed away, most likely from dehydration and/or heat exhaustion. I would die if that happened to Baby, and I felt so bad for him.

The last thing that my week ended with was the police officer shooting in Dallas. My heart aches for the four wives who lost their husbands. One officer had only been married for two weeks. I almost couldn’t stand to get on my social media all weekend. I was just so discombobulated about the whole thing. I saw some things that seriously make me wonder about humanity. I also saw a post shared from a black woman fearing for her white police officer husband’s life, and that is how I feel. When he put on his uniform shirt and pants Friday night and carried his utility belt out to the truck with all his other gear, I had a small moment. When he got to work and told me the news handed down by the chief, I had a mini panic attack. I made him promise to be safe and come home in the mornings – every morning. I love him with everything I have, just like a mother loves her father or son somewhere else. We have to stop thinking we are so different from one another. We all bleed red and we all hurt the same. 

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I actually did purchase a couple of ebooks last week – the first in a long time! I couldn’t decide between two of the options for the Kindle First July Books (first two), so I got both of the ones I wanted and some other freebie books that I hope diversify my reading.


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Y’all, I’m sorry. I have been terrible at keeping up this week.

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6 thoughts on “Sunday Post ~ Back to Reality

  1. My cousin was killed in the line of duty 2 years ago and left behind a wife and 2 children. He’s been very much on my mind these last few weeks. I’m so sorry about your friend’s dog. And the being lied too. It sounds like the week has been a bit on the rough side. You did get some great books! I love The Murder of Roger Ackroyd! Have a great week!

  2. Its not really helpful to you right now, but keep eyebuydirect in mind next time you need glasses. Speaking from personal experience, they’ve saved me a bundle. I paid 55 for a pair of prescription sunglasses (lenses AND frames), and got a backup pair of regular glasses for 25. All you need is your Rx with PD distance.

  3. The curriculum thing sounds like the one bright spot in an overall rough week; congratulations on being chosen! I’m glad the man is OK, and I’m so sad for the families of the officers who won’t ever come home again and for the families of the black men who were slain. Somehow, we have to find a way to end the cycles of violence, to fix the systemic problems that lead to it, and to love and accept each other, acknowledging and celebrating our differences as well as our similarities, secure in the knowledge of our shared humanity.

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