Top Ten Tuesday: Underdogs

Top Ten Tuesday

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Today’s topic is books we enjoyed that have under 2,000 ratings on Goodreads. Time to go back in time to those old school shelves. I found that there were a lot of books I read that had several thousands of reviews (over 50K), some in the low thousands (6K-12K), and some below 2K.

In fact, all of the books I’m featuring today have less than 10 reviews on Goodreads. I highly encourage you to go check them all out – I enjoyed all of these reads and when I saw the number of ratings I was shockingly surprised.

margaret is turning

14437495Valley of Vice

In Hollywood, it’s not just dreams that are easily snuffed out.

When a burned body is found on a studio lot, Detective Salvador Reyes and his partner Detective Philippa Wallace are on the scene. The mystery deepens when they identify the body as a felon named Bartholomew Pearl who should have been in jail for shooting a fellow detective. Then a city official, Theodor Simons, is found dead of an apparent suicide.

Convinced the deaths are connected, and not everything is what it appears, Reyes and Wallace investigate. Their inquiries take a dangerous turn, pointing to someone in the police department itself. Soon it’s hard to know who is an enemy, and who is a friend.

22297968Bear & Bunny Go to Dreamland

How do you get to dreamland, Bear?” asked Bunny. How DO you get to dreamland when it is late and you are tired? Bunny thinks you might take a car, a train, a plane, or a hot air balloon. But Bear knows better. Show your little kids how to fall asleep at the end of a long day with this charming children’s story that is sure to become a favorite. Children of all ages will love to answer the question, “How do you get to dreamland?

23441182Diego Dilemma in the Cookie Conundrum

Diego Dilemma loves cookies. What he doesn’t love is that his parents make him earn cookies before eating them.

When Diego’s father explains that he has to earn cookies before eating them or face extraordinary consequences that could follow eating unearned cookies, Diego isn’t convinced. He would prefer to discover the truth on his own, and maybe have some delicious fun in the process.

This book is available for free download at

16282463In Time

“Remember only this: magic must be used. Magic grows over time, and its time must not be wasted. Never forget that.” So warns Anna, the last witch of the Mallace family line.

Carin inherits Mallace Mansion only to learn her life there will not be what she expected. Magic grows, time slips, and Carin meets an enemy she never knew she had.

Carin’s isolation grows as Griffin pulls away and darkness draws near. Then, Carin learns a secret Anne Mallace never had time to tell her.

At Mallace Mansion, ghosts may haunt young Carin, but she’s learned to deal with them. To survive the Legacy, Carin finds she must make peace with her past. Trouble is, she’s not sure she can do it.

23454213.jpgDog Goner

Secrets will be revealed! Fondest wishes will be fulfilled! Permacrud will be . . . what the heck is permacrud, anyway? Find out in Dog Gone Dinky, the second book in the hilarious Kibble Talk series. Tawny and Jenny, along with their dogs Dinky and Gunner, have set themselves on a mission – or really, three missions. But there’s someone else with a fondest wish, and they’ll do anything to get it. Can Dinky save the day before he becomes a dog goner? Dog Gone Dinky is a fast moving and funny fiction story perfect for readers aged 7 to 12 or as a read-a-loud.


margaret is turning (1)

18625006Warrior’s Oath

With war raging between the last two ruling families, the Skye’s and the Fino’s, Abbey will be forced to step up and announce herself as the rightful queen to the world of Elementals sooner than expected. At which time, her chosen advisors will also be declared. Including the person whose oath she unknowingly accepted to stand by her side.

Beginning her journey by traveling to Iceland to meet Garik’s family, and ask their blessing to put him through the trials to be her First, brings forth an entire new world. She dives deeper into the world of a warrior and what it means to have a family.

After a vision of destruction Abbey must make a decision to save a school or let it fall to Fino’s army. Saving it will mark her identity, but letting it fall would mean the loss of many innocents. Either way, her life will never be the same after her decision.

25358979Miss Priss – On and Off the Court

Priscilla Penelope Paxton is a witty ten year old whose interests and curiosity land her in, sometimes, sticky situations.

Dance classes, Girl Scouts, school assignments, friends and hanging out at her family’s drug store, and the local Piggly Wiggly would leave any other person with no time for anything else. Yet, the thrill of basketball and joining the Little Dribblers finds its way into Miss Priss’ heart. Though this interest will prove to be a dream that requires overcoming the greatest of challenges; Mom’s opposition. A task that will require ingenuity, perseverance and a little help from some loved ones.

18759482Enough Rope

During an early morning jog, Atlanta attorney Tom Halloran discovers the body of his friend and colleague, Elliot Carter, hanging from a tree in Piedmont Park. Even worse, the private and dignified Carter is grotesquely dressed in women’s clothes. Halloran is convinced that Elliot’s death is murder, not a tragic accident of autoerotic asphyxia-gone-wrong.

But the medical examiner’s investigator, Hollis Joplin, is skeptical. He knows how difficult it would be to fake that kind of death, and he’s seen too much in his years on the Atlanta streets to be surprised by what people are capable of doing—to themselves or others. Then two more people die, and the clues lead back to a twenty-year-old kidnapping.

The under-staffed Atlanta PD can’t give the case attention unless Carter’s death is ruled a homicide, so Joplin, with an eidetic memory that allows him to recall in three dimensions everything he’s seen, sets out to investigate it himself. Piece by piece, he and the relentless Halloran unravel a tale of greed, revenge, and family secrets—and put themselves right in the crosshairs of a calculating and ruthless killer.

30129788Aether Spirit

Forgetting her is impossible. Remembering him could kill her.

When Chadwick Radcliffe arrives at Fort Daniels to assume the position of medical chief, the prejudice against his mixed heritage is no surprise. But he never expected to encounter the one woman who’s beyond his reach—medically and emotionally.

A steamcart accident stole three years of Claire McPhee’s memories, and now as she helps soldiers cope with combat-related neuroses, she secretly hopes to find the key to filling that gaping hole.

There’s something vaguely familiar about Dr. Radcliffe, but every time she comes close to determining why, he pushes her away—and her hypnosis-induced memory blocks explode with pain.

Chadwick knows the Eros Element can heal, but its unintended side effects are too dangerous to risk using it to bring Claire’s memories out of the shadows. But with the key to the Union’s victory buried in Claire’s mind, Chadwick and Claire are forced to push past the boundaries others have placed on them—even if rediscovering their love risks their lives.

17208391Mary Christmas – The True Story of Mrs. Claus

A brand new Christmas story that is sure to warm your heart!

What does Mrs. Claus do on Christmas Eve while Santa is out delivering toys? Hint: she does NOT sit on the couch eating gingerbread cookies!

Mrs. Claus finally has something to do on Christmas Eve and it’s dangerous and exciting, to boot! The North Pole will never be the same. For children age 8 and up, this delightful chapter book is sure to become a Christmas Eve tradition alongside ‘Twas The Night Before Christmas’.

What are some of your underdog books? 


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12 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: Underdogs

  1. I have never heard about any of these books but I would read Mary Christmas. Beautiful cover and sounds like feel-good kind of story.
    Its always nice to discover some underrated literary gems.

  2. I was hoping to go 50 or under, but not enough are ones I can full-heartedly recommend. I love all the attention these less rated books are getting. I am not familiar with any of the titles on our list, but I will definitely be checking them out. Mary Christmas sounds like a great story! Thank you for sharing!

    Here is my list of favorites with under 100 reviews on Twitter (at least at the time I made the list–I think one is up to 101 now).

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