Top Ten Tuesday: Popular Children’s Books I Never Read

Top Ten Tuesday

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Popular Children’s Books I Never Read 

I grew up in a small town that didn’t have a true public library until I was in middle school. My mom bought me books only through the Scholastic order forms and book fairs. Being one of four children, it was very limited what I could pick. Once I started getting past about 3rd grade, I got even fewer books so my younger brothers could get books. I primarily checked out books from my school library, but these are books I never read as a child…and still haven’t.


The Chronicles of Narnia

Nancy Drew

A Series of Unfortunate Events


The Boxcar Children


Series (1)

Swiss Family Robinson

Treasure Island

Black Beauty

A Wrinkle in Time

The Bridge to Terabithia


Were there any popular books you didn’t read as a child? 


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16 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: Popular Children’s Books I Never Read

  1. I read Narnia. Yulk and bleck. No, I would not go back and re-read it.

    Treasure Island: Yes, yes, yes! I read it several times when I was 11 and twleve. I just happened to go back and read it again last week! Serendipity! Yes, it stands the test of time! I love that book! {Other Robert Louis Stevenson books, not so much…}

    • I do want to read Narnia just to say I’ve read them, and I think I have an ebook of Treasure Island on my Kindle. I should have been smart and did an inventory as I got books. There’s no telling what’s on that thing!

  2. Great topic choice! I loved Narnia, Nancy Drew, Pollyanna and Wrinkle in Time. Bridge to Terabithia shocked me as a kid. I only read an abridged version of Black Beauty (I think), and Series of Unfortunate Events and The Boxcar Children were both after my time. Of the ones I read, only Narnia and Wrinkle in Time still resonate for me–but I cannot re-read The Horse and His Boy, because it’s super racist, or The Last Battle, because even as a kid I found it to be “the boring one.”

    • I remember a while back we did the reverse of this topic, and there were so many books I realized I hadn’t read as a kid that were very popular. I do really want to read Chronicles of Narnia, and I think I have Treasure Island. The others aren’t that much of a priority.

  3. Anne of Green Gables and The Boxcar Children are among the series I never read as a child. I’ve seen the Pollyana movie, but never read the book. I didn’t read The Bridge to Terabithia until I was an adult. Great topic!

  4. While I’ve read most of these, I think I read many of them as an adult. I too grew up in a town with a lame-o library! Thanks for sharing this at the Booknificent Thursday link-up on this week!

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