Summertime Challenge: Favorite Quotes from Books

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This is a summer challenge hosted by Parajunkee. It runs through the month of June and has weekly link-ups.

Favorite Quotes from Books

I have a mad love affair with book quotes. In college, I kept a running Word document that I just kept adding to. It got unruly and I think I lost it after the crashing death of four computers. However, I have some favorite book quotes. Don’t be surprised that most of these come from the Outlander series. I mean, it is my favorite book.


Outlander Quotes 

Je suis prest – I’m ready. (Outlander)

Luceo non uro – I shine, not burn. (Outlander)

Then let amorous kisses dwell
On our lips, begin and tell
A Thousand and a Hundred score
A Hundred and a Thousand more.
(Dragonfly in Amber)

If it was a sin for you to choose me…then I would go to the Devil himself and bless him for tempting ye to it. (Dragonfly in Amber)

It was a leap of faith, to throw one’s heart across a gulf, and trust another to catch it. (Drums of Autumn)

This is our time. Until that time stops – for one of us, for both – it is our time. Now. Will you waste it, because you are afraid? (Drums of Autumn)

Thig a seo, neart mo chridhe. Come to me, strength of my heart. (The Fiery Cross)



Other Book Quotes 

And then there’s the truth beyond, sitting like an old rock under green creek water: none of these things matter. Right now, in this moment, we have love. It will come again, and when it does I’ll give up everything and take it. Just like an addict. Like dry grass in new rain. It’s not something I’m proud of, necessarily. Then again, maybe I am. That’s it, I guess. That’s all I know. (Girls in Trucks)

I’m a person, not a portfolio. (He Forgot to Say Goodbye)

Keeping your mouth shut doesn’t exactly qualify as doing something. (He Forgot to Say Goodbye)

Sucking the marrow out of life doesn’t mean choking on the bone. (Dead Poet’s Society)

2 thoughts on “Summertime Challenge: Favorite Quotes from Books

  1. There are too many to share! I have no idea how you were able to narrow this down. Thanks for sharing this at the Booknificent Thursday link-up on this week!

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