Feature Follow Friday ~ June 9, 2016

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My ALL Time Favorite Book

Let’s be honest. Diana Gabaldon’s Outlander changed my life. It opened a portal to even more books, but mostly…

It changed how I see love. 


After my engagement ended, I gave it some time before trying to date again. I found someone who I thought was spectacular, except he was one of those fakes who polishes up nice and can talk a good talk, but eventually the true character was revealed. However, before that point, I shared one of my favorite quotes from Diana Gabaldon’s books.

His response was basically to brush it off, like “Oh, yeah, whatev.”

The quote I shared was this:

It was a leap of faith, to throw one’s heart across a gulf, and trust another to catch it (Drums of Autumn).


Ultimately, I was throwing my heart across a gulf and he was laughing in my face, watching it plummet and walking away. And an entire year and a half later this happened – the night that the man and I went on our big River Walk date. And this was my response.

BUT that’s not the point. The point is that my favorite book of all time is one of *the* greatest love stories. Ever.

I learned how to love in the best possible way because of Outlander. I found what my heart really needed because of Outlander. I could read it 50 times and still it would not be enough. I live my life by the love of Outlander.

What is your ALL TIME favorite book?  

6 thoughts on “Feature Follow Friday ~ June 9, 2016

  1. That is a wonderful story!

    I don’t think I can name one all-time favorite book. At fifty-mumble, I’ve had a number of all-time favorites through the years. When I was young it was probably The Lord of the Rings. At one point it was Elizabeth Goudge’s Pilgrim’s Inn. At another, it was Madeleine L’Engle’s first memoir, A Circle of Quiet. At this point, there are so many books that are close to my heart, and books that have had a profound influence on me, that I can’t possibly choose just one!

    • I agree, Lark. I always hate when people ask this question because I have more than one favorite, for different reasons. They teach us lessons, and hopefully we carry those words and sentiments with us in our hearts.

  2. Love love stories. I, too, have been unlucky with relationships in the past til I gave up. Literally gave up. I met my husband when I stopped going to date places, when I was just doing the work and home routine. Found him when I applied for master’s degree. He’s the counselor who gave me the testing materials. So for me, don’t go looking for love because love will find its way to you (with daily praying ofcourse!) Would love to read your favorite book someday and compare notes. LOL. Happy weekend!

  3. […] I don’t know if I’ve ever thought about this before. Recently I started participating in First Chapter First Paragraph where we share the opening of a book each week, but I don’t think I’ve ever really thought about my favorite opening scene. Since I’ve never thought of this, today I am sharing the opening to my favorite book in the world. I’ve talked before about this book teaching me how to love. […]

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