Summertime Challenge: Ways I Battle Blogging Slumps

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This is a summer challenge hosted by Parajunkee. It runs through the month of June and has weekly link-ups.

Battling Blogging Slumps 

I have been through some rough months since last September/October, but it was at Christmas that I really hit the worst of reading slumps I’ve ever been in. In May I finally felt I had really climbed out of it, after thinking each month this year that it was done, but then I’d relapse back. May finally did it. I think it was more of a life slump, or at least a work energy slump, but I’ll tell you my trick that seems to always make me feel better.

No matter what my reading habits have been before a slump, or what I need to read for review tours or as promised to authors, I have one thing that always seems to make me feel better. Sometimes it helps me get out of the slump, and sometimes it just makes me feel better.

My secret is middle grades books. They are fun and all about friendships. They are children and innocence and adventures.

My other favorite thing to read when I am in a slump is romance, usually historical romance. While sometimes it makes me feel down for a little while, or a little broken-hearted for the characters, I enjoy the stories. That’s just my personal thing. I love seeing people happy.

I’ve also heard other people say they need to completely get away from their blogs or their books. Some binge watch Netflix, some get out and do activities, find another small-scale hobby until they are ready to go back to the blog.


4 thoughts on “Summertime Challenge: Ways I Battle Blogging Slumps

  1. I agree about the middle grade books, they work for me too. Also my favourite author, Tamora Pierce (mixed middle grade and YA books) is another thing that gets me through. Finally and more recently I have found cheesy, predictable, non-sad contemporary middle grade or YA fiction does the trick.

  2. I love that! I need to find my way to battle these slumps. I don’t get into reading slumps, but blogging is just ugg these days. Thanks for sharing this at Booknificent Thursday on!

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