Summertime Challenge: Summer Goals

desert CAMPING

This is a summer challenge hosted by Parajunkee. It runs through the month of June and has weekly link-ups.

Summer Goals 

Goals for the Blog 

I have been in a state of neglect when it comes to the blog. My goals for summer include a laundry list of housekeeping to-do’s:

  • write reviews for backlogged reads (maybe 6 or so books?)
  • cross-post all reviews from last year and a half to Amazon and Goodreads
  • update Review Archives to current and upcoming reads
  • follow all my bloggy friends on Bloglovin and organize it how it should be (see Nicole’s posts here and here for reference)
  • schedule reviews through mid-October
  • schedule all weekly posts (excluding Sunday Post and WWW) as far in advance as prompts are available
  • delete all old cover reveals, blasts, etc. — maybe
  • master my summer challenges
  • read 10-15 books from my TBR Jar
  • complete 10-15 NetGalley reviews

My big goal for my blog this summer is to get as much scheduled as possible before returning to school in the fall, and to get Bloglovin under control so my inbox doesn’t give me a heart attack.

I’ve been working on my reviews. I’ve updated all my cross-posts already, so now it is only a matter of keeping up with what I review. Typically I do that every six months, but I need to get in a better habit of doing it monthly – or, you know, when I actually write the review. 🙂

I can get in a good groove of prepping review posts, and then it is only a matter of writing the review, scheduling it, and moving on. I can get back into that groove well.

I plan on focusing on my TBR Jar, and only for NetGalley books until those are all gone. Then I’ll let myself choose what other categories I’ll read, but I’ve got to get that NetGalley taken care of.

My Plans 

I plan to simply enjoy my summer with the man and Baby. My brother comes home at the beginning of July, and we have plans to go to Fiesta Texas and Enchanted Rock already. Last summer I wanted to go to Big Bend and that didn’t happen. I don’t think it’s going to happen this summer either; it’s something I need to really plan for, but I want to get out more and experience more. I want to have memories to go back on once school starts and I want to quit. Memories of all the great things to look forward to next summer. And hopefully a great tan, too!


4 thoughts on “Summertime Challenge: Summer Goals

    • I followed. I had to go to Bloglovin and search for your blog. Put a link in your social media. I added a few icons this year and found that when it’s readily available, people will follow you on the various outlets. Keep running! 🙂

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