Sunday Post ~ School Is Out For The Summer!

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Thursday was my official last day of the school year. I was ready to leave Wednesday afternoon except for the final day formalities that must be done. It was incredibly nice to have an hour and a half lunch with my colleagues and just eat and talk like normal people. For the record, we have less than a 20 minute lunch every day, and that is spent wolfing our food down and discussing any issues in our hallway after we walk our students to lunch and before they send them back 5 minutes early.

Anyway, SCHOOL IS OUT! I signed up for summer school but didn’t get picked. I’m a little bummed because that’s a 13th paycheck, but for once I get the summer to myself (minus all of my training and curriculum writing days). After the year we had, and the one we all know is coming, I really need this time to destress and recharge. This year really got to me.

The man was gone all week, and I missed him even more for it. I picked him up yesterday at the airport and Baby and I crawled all over him with kisses.

Also, this lovely was unearthed from my first year. Yes, those are original cups, not reproductions. I drank out of them all the time as a kid.



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A while back I took advantage of Book Riot’s BOGO 1/2 off and free shipping. My package finally came: four bookish shirts, a tote and a smaller zip bag. I love them! I’ll post pictures whenever they are all back together again because I’m at “the vacation house” as the man refers to his home. 🙂

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15 thoughts on “Sunday Post ~ School Is Out For The Summer!

  1. My teaching is over for the summer as well. I do have to go in to school twice more though, once to pick up my students’ exams so I can correct them – and another time to fill in their grades and give them back their tests.
    I understand that summer school would have been nice for you money-wise, but I think actually having time off and recharging your batteries is at least as important.
    Have a wonderful week ahead and happy reading, Charlie 🙂

    • Yes, it would have been nice money-wise. A 13th paycheck, but given how this past year went, I think I need all the time away I can get. I still have curriculum writing days that I’ll be paid for, but it’s only a few and only $100 per day. Happy reading!

  2. Yay! School’s out! As much as I enjoyed teaching (when I was a teacher), and as comparatively easy as my job was compared to yours (I worked in a small private school = smaller classes and less paperwork, and I suspect also fewer disciplinary problems). . . I was still always glad when summer rolled around and I could take a break for a bit. So here’s to you having a relaxing, recharging summer!

    Thank you for the shout-out! I haven’t done a how-to post in a long time, so it was nice to see that people found it useful.

    Have a lovely week, and I’m glad the man is home!

  3. Hurrah for end of the school year–I have one more week. I really enjoy the organization of your Sunday Posts and the interesting reads you curate from around the internet!

  4. I think you deserve the summer off, Charlie! Enjoy it with lots of relaxing and destressing. That way, you’ll be recharged and ready for the next school year. 😀 I hope you’re enjoying your first week off.

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