Feature Follow Friday ~ June 3, 2016

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Most Interesting Bookish Memory

Most interesting bookish memory…Hmm…

When I did my elementary block, we had to do character read days for Halloween. You picked a book and dressed up as the character.

Of course, I being an overachiever and Type A personality, went all out.


I don’t remember what book I read, but it involved a tiger and a feather…or maybe a peacock.

And of course, I didn’t back down.

The best was driving to and from school that day. People stopped and looked in their cars like they had seen something that was just unreal.


7 thoughts on “Feature Follow Friday ~ June 3, 2016

  1. Wow, you did go all out! XD GO YOU for being so fabulous and amazing! hehehe. I can’t even remember if I have any particularly interesting bookish memories? Although recently my 3yo niece and I were at the library and she pointed to a book and said “Oh that looks scary, you probably like that one don’t you Cait?” The librarian BUSTED up laughing. XDXD

    Thanks for stopping by @ Paper Fury!

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