Sunday Post ~ Children’s Books and Moxie

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My language arts students are creating a children’s book. Some of them are seriously struggling with some originality, while others have taken the idea and run with it. Most of them have their story completed, and now they are going back to add in their illustrations. My creative writing class got an impromptu lesson on “moxie.” One of my girls was reading a book with “moxie” in the title, and she asked what it meant. Of course, these meant we had to have a Lost in Yonkers unit. We finished reading the play on Friday. They loved it! Kids who don’t typically get interested in things were interested, even if they didn’t want to read a part, they were all engaged and would call someone out if they weren’t keeping up with their part. We had only a few minutes to watch the beginning of the film with Richard Dreyfuss.

Wednesday is the last school day for students and a field day type of event is planned, with rotations for something in the gym, a talent show and a yearbook signing party. Of course, I’m still not clear on how I’m going to pass out and sell yearbooks for each grade level and go around with my 30+ students at the same time. I have most of my room packed up already; I only have to return the students’ journals and my technology on Thursday. I plan to spend all of Friday working on the blog!

Early last week the man sent me a text that he would be going home to Massachusetts this week. His (step)grandmother passed in the night. The day after his dad came down at the beginning of the month hospice was called in, so it was only a matter of time, but we thought she would make it through most of June. I take him to the airport bright and early tomorrow morning and he comes back on Saturday.

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I perused and got a couple of ebooks this week, just to keep things fresh. I’m glad to say nothing on my NetGalley approved list caught my interest!

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4 thoughts on “Sunday Post ~ Children’s Books and Moxie

  1. Hope you are going to get a bit of break for the summer. I included Paige’s post in my Exploring Cyberspace section this week too, it was a good one.

  2. It must be so exciting to get the summer off! I know my kids can’t wait to summer. I am so sorry to hear about your man’s step grandmother. I hope he has safe travels to the funeral. Take care of yourself and happy reading!

  3. I know you’re counting down the days now so hope this last week at work is a good one. Your classes sound like fun so your students are very fortunate to have you!

    Happy holidays (nearly!).

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