Sunday Post ~ End of the Year Everything Celebrations Every Night

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The week following testing. I don’t know how many times I heard “Why do we even have to come to school anymore? STAAR’s over.” UGH. There is still a research unit as part of your curriculum, that’s why! And a PBL to do!

This was the week of everything. Monday and Wednesday we had yearbook interviews for the upcoming 5th graders, Tuesday night was STEM Nation showcasing all the amazing science-y things happening in the district, and Thursday. Thursday was the GT Showcase. Speaking of which, my GT students had EIGHT days – not eight school days, just eight days total – to put together a project to host at some showcase at our high school. EIGHT DAYS. They were pissed. Their parents were pissed. I was pissed. It was ridiculous. Only I and an 8th grade language arts teacher had students there. The other middle school didn’t even represent.

Friday night was the end of year dance, and yearbook needs $$ to send students to the summer training, so we did photos again to raise some money.

I am so thankful the man is off on weekends for now. I get to see his face more. 🙂

And now for some pictures of that project the man worked on with his dad. As you can see, Baby believes it was built just for her. She now lays next to the grill because she knows good food comes out of it!

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Nothing new this week. I’ve been pretty good about not getting new books. Hopefully that translates into more books read? 🙂


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9 thoughts on “Sunday Post ~ End of the Year Everything Celebrations Every Night

  1. School is almost over 🙂 You look like you have a productive week and Baby is a cutie! Those puppies eyes get me every time.

    I hope you have a great week, Charlie! Happy Reading!

  2. What’s GT?

    I like the idea of students taking photos at a dance as a fundraiser. I’m going to pass that on to our leadership teacher. We have another two weeks before our end-of-year dance for the 8th graders.

    My kids are so tested out right now. It really is sad. Plus, yes, the feeling that “now the important stuff is over.” Although a lot of my students are hitting the stage where they’re wondering if those tests are so important after all. I always say that September and May are the hardest months for teachers. Happy end-of-year!

    • GT = Gifted and Talented
      For the dances, my yearbook kids make a backdrop that lines up with the theme of the dance. We make it out of butcher paper.
      My kids are mad that they have to take a 3 day district test this week. But you know, that data is so important! Lets see…end of the year…last week of school…yeah, those kids are SO interested in doing well on a test.

  3. Are you on holidays soon? I get confused about holidays in other countries but notice a few people have talked about their kids being on hols in a week or so.

    Well done on getting the the projects for showcase submitted. It sounds stressful but great you all attempted it when so many didn’t!

    • We have Memorial Day coming up (May 30), and then later that week we are out for summer. Getting everything together was more stressful than it should have been, compared to reality. It didn’t help that I was at the high school that day with their stupid construction zones everywhere and one way in and one way out for everybody. Plus the heavy rain all day. Blech!

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