Feature Follow Friday ~ May 20, 2016

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Reasons I Love Romance

I feel like we just did this post not long ago, or some version of it.


I think I’m on safe grounds to say that a lot of romance writers today try to put their love interests on the field of friendship. I love seeing a friendship form. It’s those little moments that give me some major warm fuzzies. It’s also inspires a pang of jealousy in me because I want that, too.

A Grand Adventure

Typically in romance novels there is some kind of adventure. It could be as small as trying new things together, like a cooking class, or big things like a skiing trip or hot air balloon ride. No matter what it is, the grand adventure is always fun and typically hails an insightful, meaningful moment. It also leads to…


Through some kind of adventure, the two love interest characters bond. This is usually when those arrogant, flat characters reveal some true depth. We learn the reason(s) behind the wearing of the mask, so to speak and a little piece of my heart chips away for them.

The Slow Burn

Some people like the full-on erotica, some people can’t even bear the most tame of scenes. I’m somewhere in the middle. I like the build up, the slow burn in a romance. It makes those clandestine moments that much sweeter. And it means no instalove.

Can’t Get No Satisfaction

There is typically a conflict that crops up between the love interests that drives them apart. There have been times I’ve wept so hard you’d thought my own mother had just died, and then there were times I rolled my eyes huffily because it was such a stupid reason and the characters were being so pig-headed. The grief, people. I hate it yet I crave it. I know it is coming and it stings like salt in an open wound.

The Satisfaction

Always in the end there is satisfaction that the two love interests will wind up together. That’s why it’s called a romance. I know it will happen, so I’m already reassured and I have that satisfaction. I just don’t know how it’s going to happen.



What is your favorite genre? Why do you love it? 

3 thoughts on “Feature Follow Friday ~ May 20, 2016

  1. Great list. I am with you, there. I love the the slow burn. However, sometimes I pick up a contemporary romance and it doesn’t end well which is weird, because if it’s a romance, often you expect the end result.
    I’m an old follower.

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