March Chit Chat

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March News

Spring has sprung! And allergies have me JACKED UP! I will be getting the shots. I really don’t know where March went. I’m still suffering from residual warp speed time travel. With it came and went:

  • both of my older brother’s birthdays (now 23 and 20)
  • spring break
  • seeing the man’s face for a whole week 🙂
  • the death of a traitorous laptop and the purchase of a new, shiny, super cool one 🙂
  • guilt about not commenting back more
  • picking out the man’s new couch
  • learning the man’s dad is coming to Texas
  • the dentist – twice
  • new phone
  • Easter
  • jury duty
  • the wrap up of my kids’ now 2-month long projects

Also, one of the biggest things I’ve been DYING to happen: My principal approved a publication agreement with a different company. This is the same company and rep our high school uses, and he is phenom! (Even still does his kid’s school’s yearbook.) I get to send THREE kids to the summer workshop for free, we get a HARCOVER yearbook, tiered marketing directly to parents, and ONE THOUSAND DOLLARS for camera equipment! I am in heaven and so excited! I also found out I will get two classrooms next year, one for my core subject class (still haven’t found out what it will be for sure, but pretty sure I will be leaving 6th grade ELA) and one for my yearbook classes. Next year is going to be absolutely awesome. I have a great group of returning staff members who have worked their asses off in the last two months to produce the entire yearbook. I just love ’em!

In non-bookish things, I started playing this online game, Elvenar, on a whim just to check it out. The man knew nothing about it, just that I was playing some game. He started joking with Baby that she has to save me from the elves. Ironically, my character IS an elf. He now thinks it’s hilarious and uses his slogans at every opportunity. 🙂

April brings benchmarks, state testing preparation, and yearbook sales. We are on the downhill slope of the year! I already feel a lighter stress load…which means more time for reading and you guys!

I am also starting a new feature in April. Each Tuesday I will be participating in Diane’s First Chapter First Paragraph Tuesday Intros meme. Look for the first one tomorrow!


March Reviews

Until my reading really picks up, I am only reviewing one book each week.

March Reads

I feel like this was a record given how stressful February and March were!

Noteworthy Posts

Despite being on a super stressful deadline for Yearbook and being computerless/internetless for almost a full week, I was pretty surprised with how active I was socializing in the blogosphere. I participated in Boost It! Tuesday twice this month and was more on top of visiting and commenting than in February. I hope I can continue this trend.

In March there were 1,677 page views. This is pretty on-par with January, when I was actively making an effort to visit and comment back now that I have a slight life back. I’ve maintained Twitter followers, but discovered that WordPress was no longer pushing posts to Twitter or Facebook. Apparently Twitter got resolved and I thought that Facebook was as well, but it was still down. Looks like they were for most of March and maybe longer. I am glad they are back up and running now!

There were a couple discussion posts I was pleasantly surprised with! Consequences and Chaos: My TBR Jar, Thoughts on Thursday: Reviews Change Just Like People Do, and my ShelfLove/Discussion post Thoughts on Thursday: The Most Annoying Trope. 

I think an underappreciated post this month was the the cute and hilarious Zach Delacruz: Me and My Big Mouth.

Zach Delacruz


Challenge Updates

April Reads

12 thoughts on “March Chit Chat

    • Oh, no, Katherine. I’m allergic to over 95% of the trees, weeds, grasses, pollens, and molds in my area. Austin, Texas is THE worst place to live in the United States for allergies. I need to call and get my serum mixing and shots scheduled. I want to wait until closer to the end of the school year so I can take care of the most frequent visits during summer.

  1. Great month for you and you’re doing awesome on your challenges! I’ve been meaning and wanting to read Code Name: Verity forever so glad for the reminder. Happy April! ♥

    • That is true! I am debating about if I should set a “low” goal next year, like 20 books, and not feel pressured by the Goodreads meter. I know there are some people who want to read big books and not feel like they are behind.

  2. Great month for you by the sound of it so that always good to hear! I agree with you about March just flying past same with April it’s like Christmas will be round the corner next minute! Congrats on the yearbook approval from the principal and the money for the equipment! Also a great selection of books for this month!

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