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I am LOVING the new computer. It has a touch screen and can flip into a tablet. Not like I’d really use it as a tablet, but still pretty cool. At school we are raising money for Pennies for Patients and the class with the most money gets an Olive Garden lunch. My class is determined to win this thing! They are hitting up their parents for change and bills like nobody’s business. I really hope we win!

I also decided the damn Phone That Refuses to Charge had to go. I went Friday to the Verizon store and bought a new phone. I lost a few contacts. At this point I’m still not sure who all I lost, but if they’re important I’ll get them back, right? I’m still figuring out all the new features, so I’ll be a pro in a few weeks!

Last weekend the man and I did not go the the Riverwalk. Someone was too busy napping. It was me. 🙂 Since today is Easter, we’ll go next weekend. This time for real. And on Monday I have jury duty. This upcoming week is going to be busy and intense with my students presenting their two-month long Shark Week projects. I am amazed at what some of these kids discovered. I had a student last week tell me she was zero interested in sharks before this project, and she has been researching shark fin soup. Now she really cares and is advocating for them.

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I have been too busy visiting and commenting to buy anything, although one of my students found this really cool shark poster that I want to purchase. That counts, right?

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16 thoughts on “Sunday Post ~ Egghead

  1. My son loves sharks. He’d love that kind of project. 🙂 Yay for a new computer! My husband’s laptop is 13 yrs old and has been acting wonky lately. We really hope it’ll last another 2 yrs. He saved and backed up everything on it and now he’s going to reset it. Maybe that will help. I like my desktop, but what I’d really like is a bigger monitor. My eyes aren’t what they used to be. lol And a new poster totally counts as a new arrival. 😀

    • I do believe the tech law states that after six years, all is fair in buying new computers. 🙂 Fifteen years is a good, long run. I LOVE big monitors. I’m not very old according to a lot of people, but my eyes are terrible.

  2. Congrats on the new computer and good luck with winning that lunch. 🙂 That’s nice that the kids are discovering new things, and hopefully jury duty’s not too bad… 🙂

  3. That’s awesome that you’re loving your new computer! I too had a phone that wouldn’t charge once, but I lost all my contacts except like five completely random, useless ones when I got a new one -_-

    Good luck to your class winning the Olive Garden lunch, and that’s really great that your students are getting into their shark projects and actually learning from them!

  4. What grade do you teach? How awesome was it when that student flipped her feelings on sharks all because she was inspired from learning?!?!?! It’s probably why you teach, huh? I homeschool/online school my son so I get to see a tiny bit of your world – so cool!

    You are maxing out your tech skills this week. My head would have exploded b/c I can only handle so much new tech at a time. I’m the “IT” of the house so there’s that, too 😦

    Have a great week!

    • I teach 6th grade. I was also worried about having to learn new stuff, but it hasn’t been as bad as it was when I got my first smartphone. What I’m holding out on is updating major things around the blog and organizing my Bloglovin’ until summer. That’s going to be a tech drain!

  5. Sounds like a great initiative to raise money for Pennies for Patients. And how awesome that your students are so determined to win. I hope you guys do win!!

    Good luck with your busy week. Happy reading 😉

  6. Yay on a new computer! I was just debating getting a new one, but not sure if I wanted one that converted to a tablet. Good luck at jury duty I went a few weeks ago and the day was long!

  7. Your new computer sounds awesome! I’ve been thinking about getting a Surface Pro for awhile now, but it’s still more a possibility than a reality. Maybe someday. I hope your class wins the Pennies for Patients! I just got a new phone too. My husband said he just wanted to “look” and next thing I know, we have new phones. I do like my new phone so far, which is good. I hope you are enjoying your week! I’m sorry for the late comment. It’s been such a busy week. Thank you for visiting my blog!

    • Thanks for stopping in – at any time! I am really loving the computer. Still getting the handle on the phone. One of my struggles is it is just slightly too large to hold comfortably in my hand like the Galaxy S4 was. It’s awkward and I can’t do things one-handed anymore. It’ll just take time. Unfortunately, I got confirmation today that another class does truly have $400. :/ I think I’m going to throw a party for them anyway because they’ve worked so hard. I hope your week was good, despite the busyness.

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