Feature Follow Friday ~ March 24, 2016

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Short Story Series Companions

What do you love and hate about them?

I hate that they are written after-the-fact, for several reasons.

  • This makes me think the author is greedy and trying to cash in even more.
  • This makes me think the author has no other ideas or places to take their writing to.
  • Usually their is a change in voice and style from the series.
  • The short stories are not really furthering or connecting any bridges in the series plot. They serve no purpose (except again money).

I hate that sometimes the short stories don’t even have the series main characters in them!

  • This is not supposed to be a spin-off. If you want to write a spin-off series, write it!
  • If it’s part of XYZ series, shouldn’t it have the main XYZ characters in it?

I hate that sometimes short stories seem like a waste.

  • I’ve found shorts that aren’t developed fully.
  • I’ve found shorts that don’t even really connect back to the series. WTF? (Again, money. Slap a successful brand on it and people will eat it up.)

I love that some authors do shorts the right way. I get a little more of the good stuff.


Let’s just face it. I hate short story series companions. Don’t mess up a good thing!


What are some of your favorite short story series companions? Your least favorites? 

5 thoughts on “Feature Follow Friday ~ March 24, 2016

  1. I’m still looking for a short story companion that I actually felt added to my knowledge of the original story. I haven’t read The Lunar Chronicles ones yet, so I have high hopes for those. I want something that actually makes sense to have out there in the world!!

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