Sunday Post ~ Over Already? :(

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ZOMG! Y’all! The man’s dad is coming to Texas in a little over a month! Like, this has never happened since he’s lived in Texas. Guess he has to meet this girl who’s  always at his son’s house that he talks about all the time. Y’know, the one with the Baby. 🙂

In other news, I submitted the yearbook proofs yesterday. It’s done. Now all we have to do is sell the remaining 210 copies. I also go to the dentist this week to get two cavities taken care of.  I think that’s pretty damn good since I went to the dentist once when I was four years old and I am now almost thirty. Right? However, I’m still terrified. And in two weeks I have lovely jury duty. Joy.

The beautiful week of spring break is over already? How did this happen? I went to sleep on Saturday and woke up on Wednesday. I swear we got gypped! *sigh*

I was also down for basically the entire week. The night of the 11th I was working away visiting and commenting on blogs, going through my emails, etc. and my computer SHUT OFF. Four times in two hours. It takes about 20 minutes to fully boot and be functional. I was frustrated but decided to stop spinning my wheels. I went Saturday morning first thing and purchased a new laptop and had the data and files transferred. I didn’t get the computers back until Monday night! Then, I couldn’t find the internet password for the man’s house. He can never remember it, and had it written down and in a drawer. Of course, it was gone. I scrounged around everywhere he puts papers, looking for it, to no avail. So much for getting all these reviews written and working on my personal blog! Grrr.

And then I finally found a way around the problem, after saving all of my bookmarks on my old laptop – that shut off in the process of me doing two things. TWO things! Piece of horse pucky.

Even though the man was off Tuesday and Wednesday, he was sleeping 80% of the time I was awake (all week). Wednesday started out a good day and we went to look at couches – and I got to choose! It’s kind of nice buying furniture and not having to pay for it. 🙂

Today is shift change, so we are both excited about that. It means I can see his face on the weekends and we can go do couple things. Like today – after he sleeps – we’re going to the Riverwalk in San Antonio.

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I was kind to myself and did not imbibe in book buying. We should all be proud!

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Sorry, folks! I was out of commission most of the week with the internet issues. Look for all these great posts next week!

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Sorry. Check back soon!

11 thoughts on “Sunday Post ~ Over Already? :(

  1. Computer issues are the ABSOLUTE worst! Especially when you have things you NEED to get done! Ugh–so glad you got all that mess sorted out, and you’re back up and running!

    I hope you (had/have?) a great time at the Riverwalk–and a great rest of your Sunday!

    Happy book-ing! Here’s my Sunday Post

  2. OMG! My computer shut off last week for no reason and it took forever to get it back up. I was terrified. I have been through this before and it completely SUCKS to loose a laptop when you blog as much as we do. I am so glad to hear you got a replacement. Your pup is so cute! Looks like he enjoys a good snuggle.
    Have a great week Charlie!

    • I was terrified things were not going to go up or go up not finished. I can’t work on my phone or Kindle. I need the full computer screen and full program mode. It was torture those days without a laptop.

  3. Oooh are you nervous about meeting his dad? That’s exciting. Haha – yeah, it’s always fun spending someone elses money. 😀 Have a great week.

    • I AM nervous, Christy. I have no idea what his dad is like (just the man’s perception), I just know in the last few years he’s had some medical concerns and has COPD. I’m nervous but excited. I think after what happened with his ex girlfriend, he needs his dad’s OK.

  4. Nothing worse than a computer fail! Yep, I would have bought a new one. I keep passwords etc in a little black book..because yep my hubby puts it on a scrap paper in the junk drawer!! Have an awesome week!

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