Top Ten Tuesday: Hating on My Loves

Top Ten Tuesday

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Hating on My Loves

This week’s topic was a choice: characters everyone loves but I don’t, or characters I love who others dislike. Obviously, I chose the latter.


Alaska – Looking for Alaska

I have been the unlucky one at a table full of master literature teachers who were hardcore hating on Alaska because of one scene in the book. Don’t we all do at least one thing we regret? Or one thing that we are proud of? One thing to help another person out? Should we knock the whole book because of one scene? If so, goodbye Beloved!

If high school students are required to read Toni Morrison’s Beloved, Alaska pales in comparison. Her character – and the focus of the book – are so much bigger than her one teaching moment with Pudge.



Your Amazingness Eludes Me

Just kidding! I chose to do a mix of both sides of the topic!

Holden – Catcher in the Rye

What? Holden is the epitome of a fucked up kid (with absentee parents). He has nothing going for him and is a loser IMO. If we took Holden and dropped him into today’s world, he would be regarded as a jackass.


Pip – Great Expectations 

Again, an asshole. A snobbish asshole, according to Cliffnotes. I get it – he comes from a depraved and “common” life. The shits rain down on him. He makes bad choices and shows some redeemable glimmers – but I tried twice to read Great Expectations and had to walk away because of Pip and his dreamworld. If you’re going to dream of the most beautiful world, have some manners up in there!


Edward – Twilight

It has been so long since the books were published and the movies released. The time has come where everything is now scoffed at due to a Twilight trope. However, I still don’t see what the big flipping deal was about Edward. I really don’t.


12 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: Hating on My Loves

  1. Yes!! Pip drove me CRAZY. He never did anything to actually change his circumstances he just whined about them and was never happy. I hated reading it in high school and I attempted to reread it as an adult because so many people seem to love it. I appreciate Dickens more than I did as a teenager but I wanted to drown Pip.

  2. Haha! I’m laughing about your comments on Holden Caulfield! I was so moved by him as a teenager I named my first son after him! Seriously. Holden is my son’s name. (I named my first daughter after Jane Austen’s Emma.) But I often say, “While I love The Catcher and the Rye and I connected with Holden Caulfield when I read it, I hope my son grows up to be NOTHING like him!” 🙂 🙂 🙂

  3. I’ve been forced to read Great Expectations twice–once in high school and again in college. I hated it both time. Last summer SYNC offered it as a free download so I grabbed it thinking that perhaps I would appreciate more as an adult and understand it better having it read to me. Nope, everyone in that novel is stupid and selfish. I abandoned it like a hot potato!

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